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Hydro valve

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I want to add the auxiliary front hydro to my Sunstar to rotate the plow blade, like was originally done with kit 1691195. I have a spare lift lever, and I can make the lines. But I still need the 2 spool valve. This one from a JD looks very similar, if not identical, to the pics I've seen of the ones that Simplicity used. Am I correct?


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I have done the same installing front and rear hydraulics on my Agco 1920, using a JD 317 2 spool valve with float. Looks like the exact same valve. Mine bolted right in place, I just added another lever and drilled a new hole and bent the linkage to fit. Lines up with the other handle and looks stock. You will probably need various adapters/ fittings since the JD valve I have uses larger ports.

I would make sure you can get a 2 spool valve with float, if you have it for your main lift it is a wonder in the winter using the snow blower. I would never buy the kit from simplicity, or any NOS kit that turned up, as in my opinion without the float it is a complete waste of money. I have both, the float is amazing, the simplicity valve is very limited. No need to install a restrictor washer to avoid dropping the blower, just knock it forward into float and forget about it.

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I ordered the one in the link I posted. I have no idea whether it has the float or not. I guess I'll figure it out when it arrives. If not, I'll just have to use a restriction washer.

So far as the washer's concerned, I looked it up a few days ago and Jack's wants nearly $40 for it. That boggled my mind. I'm wondering if there isn't already one in the single-spool valve that's on the tractor now, which I could just take out and put in the 2 spool valve. If not, I may just try to make one. The Simplicity manual for the SS front lift kit says that it's essentially just a 1/2" diameter disc with about a 1/16" diameter hole drilled in it. Is there anything else special about it? If not, I could make that in 2 minutes, and save $40.

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I got the new 2 spool valve mounted last night. Fit perfectly; exact match. And, as I'd suspected, there was a restriction washer in the old 1 spool valve that I used. I just have to get a couple of fittings and some lines now, which will be easy.

Hydraulic Valve.jpg

I also got the second lift lever installed.

Dual lift levers.jpg

Now all I need to do is find a cylinder the right size for the plow.Oddly, though, just as soon as I get this project wrapped up I'll be getting rid of the Sunstar. I don't really use it now that I've got the Legacy. More importantly, I'm seriously considering buying a new 2 wheeled toy this weekend, and the SS is sitting in its parking spot. :D



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quote:Originally posted by RayS

I here you. I got a like new 36" tiller for the Sovy. I bought a Roticul this spring with a bad motor and put in a new one. It is an excellent walk behind tiller.

id="quote">LOL . . . I guess I confused you, Ray. When I said a new 2 wheeled toy, I meant a new motorcycle. 8D

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Another question for you guys . . .

Originally Simplicity used 5/16" metal lines out to the front. So I'd need an elbow with a 3/8" pipe fitting to go into the valve, and what I believe is a #5 JIC fitting on the other end. I'm having a bit of trouble locating fittings for them here locally. The guy at Bond Fluid Air tells me that's an odd combination, and they'd have to special order them.

My other option is to just use 3/8" lines, so I could use all 3/8" fittings, which are readily available here. Much cheaper to go that route.

I can't imagine it would cause any problem if I just used the 3/8" lines and fittings instead of the 5/16" stuff. Am I wrong?

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I just went with the 3/8" stuff since it was there. Always having to order stuff gets really old.Anyway, I managed to get my lines run yesterday morning before golf:


Front of tractor.jpg


Now I just gotta find a cylinder for the plow.




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