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Need to get some dirt moved... time for a bucket

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I need to take some of the slope out of my driveway and do some terracing and retaining wall work. This means a lot of dirt needs to be moved. The grader/box/rear blade I made this spring (I'll post on that later) does wonders but would take forever and I would have to drag or push the dirt all the way from point A to B. At first I was thinking of building a loader (I can't even come close to affording an original) but then realized that I just need to move the dirt, not lift it up to dump into anything.I like the Johny bucket and it would be great to support someone in the state, but I can't afford that either. I decided instead of making an entirely new attachment I would just add on to an existing one. I just need to scoop up dirt, gravel, etc. and carry it a little distance and dump it out.Inspired by 4-way attachments for skid loaders I decided to use the plow blade as a base and make an add on bucket for it. This design opens at the junction of the cutting edge of the blade and bottom of the bucket. That means that I can keep the hitch simple, or reuse the original, since it doesn't have to pivot downward to dump. I wish that I would have taken more pictures of the process, but when I get going on something it is hard to remember to stop and snap a pic. Here is the progress so far...







It still is not done. I need to work on the hinge mounts a bit more yet, and get the arm welded to the axis for dumping, but it is getting closer.The only question is how much weight the hitch attachment at the back of the plow can handle. It is designed for pushing, not lifting. If it looks like it will not hold up well, I already have a design in mind for a different hitch.The dump function will be actuated by a right side lift lever. That is the next tricky part to figure out.







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Hello, When you figure out a dump mechanism share it with us I have tried several I even attached a 12 volt 1200 lb magnet and hooked it to the headlight switch .

front bucket 7119 003.JPG

front bucket 7119 009.JPG

The magnet is sensitive to alignment so it is not perfected yet.Thanks Ken in Mi



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