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K301 Interchange Request.

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I have an Allis Chalmers 912 which needs rebuild.

The crankshaft pin has already been turned .020" under.

Looking for a used crank, I find that Wheel horse and Cub Cadet are far more common in scrap than AC or Simplicity.

So, I'm wondering if anyone knows whether the K301 crank or block from either of these tractors will readily interchange with the AC or Simplicity.

I'd also like to know if anyone has done the rod insert bearing conversion on a tractor for utility use and, if yes, were you satisfied with the result?



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Unfortunately there were hundreds of different crankshafts used. On the 900 Series front attachments run off the mid-PTO so the main concern would be to get the correct flywheel side of the crankshaft. Generally the Wheel Horse engines were more similar to the Simplity variety than were the Cub Cadet or Deere models.

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Not to second guess you, but are you sure the crank journal is already in the 1.480" range indicating someone already rebuilt it with a 3rd party/aftermarket rod like some folks on eBay sell? The Kohler engine puller community out there for years have said it's no problem to bore a conn-rod to accept STD-through 0.030" undersize shell bearings. If the PTO end of the crank is 1.00" diameter, then Kohler's on Cub Cadets, John Deere's (starting with the JD 212) also used a 1" PTO crank. As far as I know, there were never any physical differences on the flywheel end when comparing different PN cranks, so not an issue. Kohler later did go to 5/8" bolt VS the nut retainer; but should not make a difference on the drive shaft adapter flange for Simplicity's.




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Thanks for replies.

My crank can still be ground to .030" under, but I had only learned about the availability of the insert bearing option for going under spec.

I'll have to check ebay for the .030" under aftermarket rod.

I read an article by a supplier of the insert bearings, which made it sound like the insert might be slower to damage the crank if it got loose.

It sounds like I might not be knowledgeable enough correctly identify compatible used K301 components that are not simplicity spec.


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