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Swapping Rototiller from Sunstar to Deutz

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Just got an engine issue figured out on another thread in preparation for a rototiller hookup happening this weekend. Does anyone know if there will be any issues(I'm not thinking so) to take a full setup with pto, lift etc... off a 88 Sunstar and putting it on an 89 Deutz?

Anything I should do before I do it to make it better?

Found a very nice Sunstar with a rototiller that was used maybe 5x before this man passed away. We are taking the rototiller off the Sunstar and putting it on the Deutz.

Any recommendations?

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If it's a Deutz Ultima, then it is the same tractor as the Sunstar and everything will swap easily.

Note that there is a rubber torsion strap coming off the pto and bolted to the frame. It's hard to see just looking at the mounted pto. It keeps the pto from twisting. You've got to remember to unbolt it, or you'll tug on the pto trying to get it out to no avail.

It's easiest to take the 3 bolts out of the fenders on each side (the 3 just above the top of the tire) and flip the seat/gas tank up and strap them to the steering wheel. Makes it easier to get the torsion strap off to take the pto out of the old tractor, and get it installed in the new one.

When taking the tiller off, I lower it onto a furniture cart before unhooking it; makes it easier to move that heavy mammer jammer around if you need to.

With the tiller on, the front end's kind of light. Some front wheel weights or suitcase weights don't hurt.

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Thanks for the tips! How well do these tillers work on these tractors? From what it looks like they look pretty stout. The donor tractor has wheel weights on the rear tires but nothing on the front.

The tiller is going from a 16 magnum to an 18 on the Deutz...or should I put it on my 20 command on my 97 Sunstar?

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You will love the tiller behind either engine. You may appreciate the 2 speed rear end in the '97 though, for tilling work and ease of controlling low speed.

I second Chris's tip on the torsion strap. I found the PTO easy to remove, but the bolt to the frame on that strap was rusted and I simply cut it with a sawzall. I think install takes a bit more effort, and for goodness sake, don't fudge up your wiring under the dash.

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18hp is plenty to run a tiller. The soverign I had run a tiller on both a 17hp kt and 18hp command, I would till at half throttle or less. It really does not take much power to till. When you think about it, the tiller is pushing the tractor. Once I "broke ground" I would turn up the throttle and powder the loose stuff.

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