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Here's the GOTO Club Booth Shifts

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Here's our Club booth shifts for the GOTO...

The spots marked "fill-in" are to be filled by people on site (due to lack of sign-ups here)

A BIG THANK YOU to all of those who offered their time for a shift. This will be a good time for all present. I cant believe how much stuff is already here Wed...sm01


Am: goatfarmer, glpointon, fill-in

Pm: acken, acken's son, fill-in


Am: talntmrgreen, ngale, glpointon

Pm: blt, broad728moor, fill-in


Am: brenda, brenda's spouse, fill-in

Pm: chris727, gwiseman, fill-in


Am: brood728moor, ngale, glpointon

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I so wish I was there.

Thursday- Teach a babysitting class

Friday- Teach a babysitting class/Prep for Trapshoot

Saturday- Run 10th annual Hospital Foundation Trapshoot

I'm not slacking by any means back home and I sure do look forward to pictures.

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quote:Originally posted by littlemarv

Wish I was there as well.Got the green light the other day to start my own business, so I'm scrambling for the next few weeks (or years).Have fun, and take lots of pictures....

id="quote">Good luck Marv! I was self-employed for near 15 years. Loved it and loved it more when I got out. Dave

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