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Tractor of the Month - September 2014

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Tractor of the Month Contest

September 2014id="size5">

This months contest will be :

"Show us your Stripes"id="size6">

Open to:id="size3">

All Regular size "Running Board Tractor" Garden Tractors 1971 and Newerid="size5">


1971 Simplicity 3300 series through 2000 Soveriegn series as well as newer style Landlord/ Landlord DLX, Conquest and Prestige garden tractors id="red">id="size6">

All 1971 & Newer Allis Chalmers 300/400/700/900 Series Garden Tractorsid="red">id="size6">

Homelite T Series T-10 through T-16



Massey Ferguson, Homelite, JCPenny, Deutz Allis, Agco Allis, Snapper, and Sears Craftsman equivalent clones of the aboveid="red"> id="size6">

Also included will be:

6000 Series Simplicity and 800 series Allis Chalmers with the 5 bolt rear wheels

As these were also marketed as Lawn and Garden tractors in the same size range as the rest in this months contest.

Pictured with your freshly mowed lawnid="size6">

Tractor of the month contest guidelinesid="size3">

1. For club (paid) members only. This includes all such dues paying members, officers, moderators, and administrators.

2. The selection committee will determine each monthly contests criteria. Equipment that does not meet theme criteria will be disqualified by the committee.

3. The tractors submitted can be a restoration, an original, a rescue, a modification, an extensive repair/rebuild - or as specified by the committee.

4. This contest is open for members to enter their own tractors, or by having someone else nominating them - upon which owner must accept and post entry.

5. Post your entry as a reply to this topic. Narrative and pictures are required - This to tell its story, and to convince club members why it is deserving of being the next Club's tractor of the month.

6. Members can enter a tractor/equipment multiple times (months), but it can only win once per year. Once that tractor has won, they cannot submit that tractor again for a year on any subject.

7. Each contest will have a entry submission period beginning the 1st day of each month and lasting to the last day of each month. Once the submission period is over, the current nomination topic will be locked and the next opened.

8.Following each months submission period, a poll topic will then be opened and members will be asked to vote on the nicest tractor listed in the nomination topic. Vote will last for a period of two weeks , from the 1st day of month to the 15th of each month. The new winner will be declared on the 15th of each month.

9. Wining tractors each month will be posted on the club home page for a period of one month, and a Contest winners hat will be sent to the winner.

10. Please post only entries/nominees in this topic -- any other replies will be deleted.

id="left"> id="size1">

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Ok I'll enter. Mowing with my GTH-17L.

2014_09_04_ vertical.jpg

2014-09_04 Horizonal.jpg

48" deck doesn't quite stripe as good as the 42" and the yard is oddly shaped and has several humps and hollows.Hopefully this isn't a violation of the rules:Another picture, back yard, same tractor different day. I have trouble making the stripes show in the pictures.


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quote:Originally posted by steve-wis

How about the allis 800 series? Do they qualify for this month?Thanks, Steve

id="quote">Not this time. The next striping theme will be for lawn tractors, but likely wont be till next spring/summer now.After talking about this, seeing as how the 6000 series Simplicity and 800 Series AC's with 5 bolt rear wheels were marketed as Lawn and Garden tractors we have decided to allow these in this months contest. The initial topic has been changed to reflect this.

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I would like to nominate the Sovereign 18 I mowed with most of last summer. This tractor is prestine, with power steering, and an M20 transplant, thanks to another member, Yukon. As you can see, she's a striping fool, and has traded hands a couple times within our club.


Another picture, with a different view of those stripes...after some Simplicity lawncare, everyone deserves to celebrate. dOd


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First, thanks for including the 800 series tractors. I have a small yard and a big mower deck so it gets interesting, but here are a few pics of my T816 Allis and the stripes I made this afternoon.






The grass was a bit long, and pretty dry, so my striping isn't as good as usual, but the neighbor, who uses a green mower, always comments on how nice a job the Allis does.The tractor was a $175 find a couple of years ago with a bad engine. I had taken a 16 hp engine out of a 6216 and also had another one with a good short block, so I used all three to make one engine. So far it runs well, a bit of smoke on startup, and a bit after long times of idle. I love the vari-drive, expecially for snow blowing. I have the mower deck, snowblower, tiller, a 10 inch moldboard plow and a heavy front blade with "from the seat" angle adjustment. I also added the electric lift kit and the sleeve hitch. It is a worker, but not bad looking for her age.Steve






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I would like to nominate my Allis Chalmers 712. My grand father bought this tractor new in 1975 with a 36 inch tiller and a 42 inch mower deck. My grand father used this tractor every week for 25 years. My father then got this 712 from my grand father and used it for a few more years before I got it from him. Sense I have had the tractor I have added a 48 inch deck, upgraded it to have a hydrulic lift, and last week I finally had to upgrade the engine. The tractor now has a 18 hp Kohler command powering it.

2014-09-28 12.23.46-1.jpg

2014-09-28 12.22.36-1.jpg



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