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7012 Project

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I bought this 7012 Hydro off of a fellow club member Larry Troyer (AC_B-1Novice) a few years ago. I actually ended up buying three tractors off of him because he made me a deal I couldn't pass up. The tractor has been sitting in my barn for a while now and I finally have time to start working on it.

7012 1.jpg

7012 2.jpg

She's pretty rusty, but the hydro works great and the 12hp Kohler runs very good. Instead of restoring it, I decided to "fix it up". I want it to look nice, and work the way it is supposed to.Step One:I sanded down the hood and filled in the bad pits. I couple coats of primer and shot it with a coat of Kubota Orange. It's pretty close to the original color. Yes, I know the hood is supposed to be white. I am re-branding this as an AC 712H.

7012 3.jpg

I had to weld some patches in to the seat pan. All I have is a stick welder, which is a pain to use on sheet metal.

7012 4.jpg

The dash was beyond repair. I found a donor at a local shop. I modified it to use a standard tractor battery by welding in a stop made from a scrap of angle iron..

7012 9.jpg

7012 5.jpg

7012 6.jpg

Also one of the hood tabs was broken. I cut one off the original dash and welded it in.

7012 7.jpg

I have the frame ready for primer...Lots of rust here. I hate mice.

7012 8.jpg

More to follow....










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Step 2I went out to the paint booth (driveway) and got everything in primer.

7012 10.jpg

7012 11.jpg

Tomorrow I will shoot the color on these parts. The paint I am using is Majic brand Kubota orange that I picked up at Rural King a few years ago. It looks close to Simplicity Orange...Perhaps a tad more orange. The simplicity color has a bit of red in it to my eyes. I am mixing the paint with about 10 percent Napa CH254 hardner in it and 30 percent acetone to thin it. The ch254 is a standard hardener, and seems to work well with this paint. I bet it would be fine in oil based Rustoleum also.This is the look I am going for on the tractor.http://simpletractors.com/images/700_series_images/712_pg3_lg.jpgThe grill is different, but other than that it will be pretty close.I have a rear lift for this, but need a cable and a pulley. I also need to get a seat.One problem area that I have is the hole in the steering wheel is wallered out. Not sure how I am going to fix it yet. I am thinking about finding a piece of pipe that fits the steering shaft and then drilling out the steering wheel to the outside diameter of the pipe. I wouldp then put in some G-flex epoxy to hold the bushing to the steering wheel. We'll see if i can make that work...

7012 12.jpg

Should have some pics with paint done tomorrow.




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Got the frame, dash, and one side of a bunch of small parts painted.

7012 13.jpg

7012 14.jpg

I'll finish up the painting on Saturday. Next up will be the rims and hopefully I can start putting her back together. I have a 42" deck that I need to go through yet...Dave



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Made a lot of progress this weekend.First I got the steering all fixed up.I drilled out the steering wheel with a 7/8 forstner bit.

7012 16.jpg

Then I epoxied in a 3/4 copper pipe. I roughed up all surfaces before I hit the epoxy.

7012 15.jpg

I also made a wooden disk for a center cap. I painted it black and it blends in pretty well.

7012 19.jpg

The steering shaft was rusted away pretty bad. I welded it up and ground it down so it just fit in the steering wheel. I also re-drilled the hole lower than the original to get more shaft in the steering wheel.

7012 18.jpg

Then I had to cut part of the bottom of the wheel off to make it work.The steering wheel now fits nice and tight. This was after my first test fit. I took a chisel and remover the material that was hitting the screws (the circle mark in the face)

7012 17.jpg

I also painted the wheels Allis Chalmers "Cream". I got the motor mounted and everything hooked back up.

7012 20.jpg

Someone had removed all of the safety switch wiring, and I left it that way. I just cleaned up the job with some solder and shrink wrap tubing.I got a set of bulbs from napa and rewired the lights. I had to make a couple of gaskets to replace the old rotten ones. I had an old seat the finally has a home. It isn't perfect, but this is is a worker.

7012 21.jpg

I ordered the decals Saturday...I need to find some metal for the grill yet.I also am going to stop after work tomorrow and pick up new belts. Other than that she is coming along nicely.








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Got the decals in from Click it and stick it today. Not too bad for an 11 day job. I think the color is pretty close too...

7012 22.jpg

7012 23.jpg

7012 24.jpg

7012 25.jpg

7012 26.jpg

The next project is the deck, and here is what is weird...I got the deck off Larry and he said all he ever did with this machine was push snow. Someone had lost a bunch of the blade mounting parts, and had the other stuff on backwards. While researching this I came across this post:http://www.simpletractors.com/club2/topic.asp?ARCHIVE=true&TOPIC_ID=117904&SearchTerms=ac_b-1noviceFrom this information I was able to figure out how the thing went back together! I must have been burning his ear ;)I ordered new bearings for this deck, and am working on getting it all apart now. I need to find a left hand deck cover to finish it off.

7012 27.jpg







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WOW Dave what a transformation...Very nice work that looks top-notch dOd

I really need to do a late model AC tractor (mine are all yellow or 7000 Simplicitys) I really love the look of the 700 & 900 series AC's dOd

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I've had about five of these things over the years but for some reason or another I always have sold them. This is only the second hydro I have owned though. This one is going to be a keeper though...my wife has been upset with me since I sold our 712 shuttle about five years ago. This tractor is going to be her mowing machine. I'll admit that shifting gears all the time while mowing slows you down, but it has never been a problem for me. I also like the short turning radius of the older ones...I love the color scheme of the allis tractors from the 70's and 80's. In fact, if this tractor had the older style grill with the lights on the side I would be smitten with it.

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Great job and I love your attention to detail! The only thing I could see that I would change is the rubber hood straps originally fastened to in inside of the hood.

Again great & fast job!


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quote:Originally posted by PeppyDan

Great job and I love your attention to detail! The only thing I could see that I would change is the rubber hood straps originally fastened to in inside of the hood.Again great & fast job!Dan

id="quote">I will fix that this weekend! I thought I might have had those on wrong....

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