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7119 Rear end swap opinions.

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I picked up a 7119H with Hyd lift as a parts tractor. PO said engine had no compression.

Engine needed a coil and runs great. Series I that was probably overhauled as it has welded patch where the governor shaft tried to get away. I am having a hard time turning this into a parts tractor, I want to make a working tractor out of it.

Also found that the BGB needed driven shaft, bearings, and seals (gears are good). Cone clutch needs bearings C

I have not checked the axle and diff yet.

I have a whole back end out of a 7117H manual lift with good BGB and transaxle.

Do I:

Just swap the BGB ( which leaves all the hydraulic lift stuff untouched) but could there be more problems with the transaxle?

Or swap the back end. And transfer the hydraulic lift stuff. What is the easiest and simpliest way to transfer the hydraulic lift equipment on the hydro.

Do I swap the charge pump? The whole hydro package? Just the plumbing fittings and relief valve?

I would like some feedback from those that have done this before and anyone else that wants to chime in.

Thanks, Mike.

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Overall, the Sunstrand's have been for the most part, bullet proof and I would go with that. Just make sure your tractor has the hole for the hyd lift handle. The charge pump doesn't need swapping, but needs to come off to aid installing the hyd lines. You also need the donor relief valve parts.

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Check and the cost of parts to rebuild the existing 7119 BGB and cone clutch is just short of $200.

BLT, I am using the 1983 7119H with hydraulic lift and swapping rearends from a 1979 917H, just making sure what parts I need to transfer from the 7119 rearend into the 917 rearend so the hydraulic lift still works correctly.


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Jack your 7119 tranny up and make sure the axle tube doesn't have any play in it. If it seems good, I'd swap the 7117 gear box into the 7119 chasis. Would be the most cost and time effective operation.

I don't know as if I have ever run across a bad Sundstrand pump system or transmission gearcase, just bad axle tubes/tube bearings and brakeshaft seals.

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Burntime, the BGB on the 7119 needs the cross shaft and left side bearing and seal...the gears are good, input shaft/bearings are good, case is good. I have never seen one with the left bearing completely gone, just a few slivers of the old needle bearing housing. With that the cone clutch bearing/bushing is also shot. That is why the cost is less than $200 ($100 just for the shaft).

Sam, I am now thinking that changing just BGB will be easier than moving the hydraulic lift fittings. Good point on jacking up and freeing the axle to see if this thing has any more "issues".

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