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crank seal numbers

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just got the gasket sets to rebuild the B&S model 19 on the B-1. (Jack's had 2 in the warehouse so I bought both. I have a parts 725 that is slowly going to be overhauled and turned into a B-1)

there are no crank shaft oil seals in the kits. Jack's doesn't have them and briggs doesn't list them.

the seals are; TROSTEL 290932.

a search of motion industries- my local bearing supplier- shows no cross references for tostel. neither does Chicago rawhide.

in a box of stuff bought from a closed out dealer, I found some C/R 313691 seals that have an AC number that might be 1605011.(hard to make out the hand written number on a 40+year old envelope)

there is also a Buetze seal with an AC number of 1605301.

both these seals look like they are the same as the tostel. I am hoping someone has a cross reference or a list of superceded AC numbers and can tell me if these are what I need.

thanks for any help

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thanks for that number. when I saw it, it rang a bell. rummaged thru the scribbled notes here beside the computer. found it written as being the seal in a 287707 engine. parts diagram I found it from shows it as a verticle shaft motor. i'm guessing maybe briggs used that same size seal for a lot of motors and just changed the numbering.

I stopped at Applied Tech to see if they could cross reference the Tostel number for me. I also have a Buetze seal in an envelope w/ the AC logo and numbered 1605301 and a handful of C/R 313691 seals. all seem to be the same size but I wanted confirmation. NONE of the numbers cross reference to anything and, having taken the measurements, they could find no seals to fit this application!

I was quite bummed out until I got home and found you had replied.

next headache is going to be finding the right valve guides. I called SLI last winter to order them but again, it's a NLA item. the newer guides are longer and narrower so they wont work. and my parts manual, such as it is, does not show valve guides at all so I don't even have a number to start from.

makes working on these little beasts a pain but gives a great sense of accomplishment when it goes together

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I wouldn't be too concerned about valve guide wear, unless you've verified the they are indeed worn beyond tolerance. I can't remember ever having to replace valve guides when overhauling a Kohler, Briggs, or Tecumseh cast iron L-head single. Maybe use some number drills as go-no-go gauges to really see how worn they are then compare them to the B&S specs in the service manual?

Tom (PK)

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