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Tractor of the Month - October 2014

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Tractor of the Month Contest

October 2014id="size5">

This months contest will be :

"Fruits of Our Labor"id="green"> id="size6">

Harvest Time/ Fall Cleanup Tractor Tasksid="green">


A 2id="black"> Picture Contestid="blue">


With the 1st picture, Show us you and your tractor in action -

(A photo of the member operating it themselves would be preferred, yet not required)

- engaged in one of the following tasks:


Garden (till/plow/haul/?)


Leaves (multch/vac/haul/blow/?)id="red">

Wood (haul/chip/shred/?)


Lawn (revitalize/fertilize/aerate/?)


We just want to keep the tasks presented to generally Fall Harvest and cleanup tasks only, not normal lawn duties.


With the 2nd picture, Show us your tractor parked and showing the job done.


Then tell us a story pertaining to your equipment, its history, and perhaps the job you are doing with it.

The focus of this months contest is not so much on the machinery as it is on the "doing" with the machinery. As such, this contest is a test of your picture taking skills, presentation ability, and your storytelling skills. Voters for this months contest should take this into consideration when casting your votes.


Open to:id="size3">

All Simplicity and Allis Chalmers Lawn & Garden Tractors id="red">id="size5">

As well as all other names made by Simplicity and Allis Chalmersid="red">

Note: New Rule

All pictures submitted to Tractor of the Month contests should be sized to 640x480 to maintain consistency and neatness in presentation


Tractor of the month contest guidelinesid="size3">

1. For club (paid) members only. This includes all such dues paying members, officers, moderators, and administrators.

2. The selection committee will determine each monthly contests criteria. Equipment that does not meet theme criteria will be disqualified by the committee.

3. The tractors submitted can be a restoration, an original, a rescue, a modification, an extensive repair/rebuild - or as specified by the committee.

4. This contest is open for members to enter their own tractors, or by having someone else nominating them - upon which owner must accept and post entry.

5. Post your entry as a reply to this topic. Narrative and pictures are required - This to tell its story, and to convince club members why it is deserving of being the next Club's tractor of the month.

6. Members can enter a tractor/equipment multiple times (months), but it can only win once per year. Once that tractor has won, they cannot submit that tractor again for a year on any subject.

7. Each contest will have a entry submission period beginning the 1st day of each month and lasting to the last day of each month. Once the submission period is over, the current nomination topic will be locked and the next opened.

8.Following each months submission period, a poll topic will then be opened and members will be asked to vote on the nicest tractor listed in the nomination topic. Vote will last for a period of two weeks , from the 1st day of month to the 15th of each month. The new winner will be declared on the 15th of each month.

9. Wining tractors each month will be posted on the club home page for a period of one month, and a Contest winners hat will be sent to the winner.

10. Please post only entries/nominees in this topic -- any other replies will be deleted.

11.All pictures submitted must be sized to 640x480 to maintain consistency and neatness in presentation

id="left"> id="size1">

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I have a back yard at least a full city lot and two sugar maples on it. Ever since I got into the garden tractor gig, I have always ground up the leaves and let nature finish decomposing. Generally on real dry leaves, the cut up pieces disappear in the grass in a couple of week or so. The mower is a 2000 Regent with a 38" mulching deck with counter rotating blades. Original engine was a 17HP Briggs Vanguard and it chucked a rod. I had a 14 HP Vanguard from a Snapper that fit right in. The Regent is a freebe and I only paid $15 for Snapper mower. It mows the grass OK.



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We got a good sized yard with tons of trees. I picked up this 3112h a few months back and put it to work right away. I did a few little odds and ends to it a full service and free up a stuck valve. My wife enjoys the hydro over the stick lolsm00. I orded the factory canvas for the cart but it was on backorder til november. So I built this setup out of two tarps a mesh screen and a piece of plexiglass. The leaf vac itself was a nos item I picked up this year also. Hoping next year I get the deck boot hooked up and working. Here are a couple pics of my wife vacuuming up the leaves. Sorry my pics are smaller then 640x480.





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