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A new Chapter

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It's with a heavy heart that I make this post today. Last Friday, my Brother, Chris aka Badmoon passed away from a massive heart attack. He left in his wake, a Son, 13 and step Daughter,17.

Abiding by his wishes, the 3212V that I restored 7 years ago, almost to the day, came back home. This was the original Hoss. The story on how it came to be restored is directly Badmoon's doing.

I was repairing a leaky fitting on the rear of the hydro cylinder, so I had everything off the Hoss except the dash tower when he popped by for a visit. He said, you've got it town down that far, you may as well restore it! So I spent the next 45ish days stripping, welding, repairing and painting the 3212V, and when finished, I had a very generous offer from a Gentleman in Michigan. When Badmoon saw the tractor and heard of my offer, he said you're not selling it to anyone, that's mine! lol......so........it went home with him and he babied it these past 7 years and was the pride of his fleet. With the limited size of photos allowed, you can find the full size photos on my photobucket at ZippoVarga. The Hoss is now in the company of his younger Brother, a 3210V named Beast, as will also be seen in the photos.

We'll miss you Badmoon, and your legacy lives on in these machines. Safe passage, and you're greatly missed.




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That is a seriously "Bad Sov". Was that "Bad moon" on the Boulder relocation on YouTube? hope the arrangements are not getting You "down".

Lift a cold one for Chris, and Yourself. Billie passes her best regards, and prayers also.

Well it's back to the forced eviction on the 10HPs around here.

Cheers, as always


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Thank you all for the kind words. The children are doing well and we're making progress with securing their futures through a trust fund.

Wayne, yes, that is Chris (Badmoon) in the boulder video. He's also in a number of other older videos on my channel. (The only videos anyone has of Chris, so they're more precious and appreciated now than ever before)

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Thank you everyone for the condolences. His passing is still very fresh in all our thoughts and he is greatly missed. But that's a sure sign of a grand soul, albeit a grumpy one..lol. His Son and step Daughter are doing well. Actually better than us adults! Children are resilient creatures for sure.

On a brighter note, Badmoon lives on through us all, thanks to the technology that captured him in his life. As I mentioned, there are a few videos on my YouTube channel with Badmoon. I invite you, in your spare time, to visit them and comment on his behalf, so that his Son and step Daughter can continue to enjoy new life brought to the videos.

Thanks for everyone's continued support!!

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