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Sovereign Cab Question

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I purchased a cab with the fiberglass top and am missing some frame pieces. What I am looking for is the length of the brackets that bolt on near the floor boards, there is one on it now however it looks to be cut. I am also missing the entire part/parts that attach to the dash and bolt near the doors and the vertical pieces that attach to the side of the frame. The major things I need are the length of the bottom brackets by the floorboards and the width between the front posts just below the windshield, I should be able to mock up the rest after I have those. Any pics would be great as well. Thank You

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The latest mfg# for a Sovereign snow cab is 1693269.

Download the manual here:


It has a parts list showing each item and install instructions. This should help you fab something up.

I've heard that Original Cab Co made the individual parts for consumers years ago. Maybe they'll do it now, no idea on pricing.

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Some pics:Top of running board to cross mount:


Running board support to junction:


Top of dash to cross mount:


Dash spacer:


Diagonal frame support:




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