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Compression tester

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Any engine that has a compression release is going to give weird numbers. what works better is a proper leak down tester where you put the engine at TDC, then put air pressure in the cylinder and read what the gauges say and listen to where the air leaks from. On a rebuilt engine that has been properly run in, there should be little to no air bypassing rings or valve seats.

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quote:Originally posted by Simplicity7013H

Ok thanks. Also another question, my 3112h (not rebuilt) has blow by coming out of breather but runs like a dream. Should I rebuilt it?

id="quote">What is your oil consumption. A certain amount of blow by is normal, that's why you vent to the atmosphere or burn it off thru the carb. If you have next to nothing for oil consumption, you are fine. All engines will consume oil, whether it be a drop or two to whatever.

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