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9020 or 4041?


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I bought what I thought was a 9020, but after looking at
at pictures on this very informative site, I'm not so sure.
It looks like it could a 4041. Are they that similiar?
If so, what are the differences?
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Hi Gary,
I'm not an expert on this series, but all of these models: the Sim 4040 / A-C 616, Sim 4041 / A-C 620, and Sim 9020 / A-C 720 are very similar.
The main difference is that the (early) 4040/616 used the 16.5 HP Onan CCKA, while the rest used the 19.5 HP CCKB. Beyond that there were running production changes which may or may not have corresponded to a model change.
Are there no graphics left on the unit to ID the model? If the data plate is still there the 'Product' or 'Manufacturing' number will tell the model.
The (years are approximate) '74-'75 4041s were 990953 and 990954 (with rear PTO).
The '76 9020s were 1690072 and 1690145 (PTO).
The '77-'81 9020s were 1690230 and 1690283 (PTO).
The main visible difference between the 4041 and 9020 seems to be graphics, but I'm not knowledgable enough to differentiate for you.
Be advised that the 'ad shots' of the 4041 in the "Simplicity" section APPEAR to me to be a 4040 with 4041 graphics, as it has round headlights.
The 9020 MAY have had some orange in the hood side graphics.
>>>Can an owner confirm that?<<<
Lacking any ID, the only other way to tell might be by the "M/S" (spec) number of the engine, assuming that it's original. I don't have those at hand, but they are available.
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First, Fred's info is very good. The only thing I wanted to add is that there is one more model to add to the roster, the Pow'r Max. This was basically a 4041 (The ID number even matches the 4041) but with different hood graphics. These machines were all almost identical except for sheet metal differences between AC and Simplicity, as well as engine differences for the different HP ratings. The one that I have is a 1973 Pow'r Max, ID# 990954, so I guess it's just a 4041 in disguise.
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