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The new winter kid on the block..

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Last year I had a DA 917 for a main blowing tractor, the 05 Broadmoor for a backup, the Sunstar for the main blade tractor and a 914 for a back up. At least I think that was the line up.This year we have the snow pushin boys..


The backup blowin outfit..


And...id="size6">The new kid on the block in his winter dress..





Love the cab heater..Got the power rotator and power flap switches ahead and on each side of the steering wheel..


Got the power rotator motor off ebay last summer for a fraction of what Kubota wanted for pretty much the same motor and setup..


Thepower flap setup was bought for less than half the price of the Kubota setup too, also off Ebay. Its a fitall setup from a regular ebay seller.


Windshield wiper above..


Might be looking forward to snow this winterOO

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Originally posted by B10Dave

Sam; can you spell SPOILED ROTTEN ? Don't mind me. It's just my jealousy showing...Dave

id="quote">Been here at this place for 17 years now , moving snow off a rural 600' drive as well as a 70' x 30' shed lot. Used to have just 1 snow removal machine. In the 3rd or 4th year the 2 stage snowblower on a Wheel horse blew up on me. Luckily I happened to have a 3416 Simplicity sitting in the back of the shed and a 42" blower on one of the shelves. Worked all night to get that outfit together and running. Saved my bacon that year. 2 years later the engine in the Wheel horse tractor I was using to blow snow blew up. After that I switched over to Simplicity and have pretty much had at least 2 tractors set up each year just in case, and have always had a cab on the blowing tractor after about the 4th year.The rear panel at the moment is just a snap in vinyl panel. When I get a little more caught up with my finances, I would like to buy the hard rear panel with real glass and a wiper. It hooks and locks into some catches and latches on the rear frame of the cab.

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What? No heated cup holder for the coffee or hot chocolate mug? }:)

Every time something breaks on one of mine I threaten to do the same, until I look at pricing and get sticker shock. $

But yesterday laying on the cold concrete pulling the blown M-18 out of the 917 has got me thinking again sm00

Nice set-up on the Kubota, what engine?

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