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Pricey, yes, but if you need to push snow over turf, or over something expensive like dolomite - it would work. For many years I have plowed a driveway with a 7.5' Fisher on my truck that has yellow plastic 5" ID natural gas piping over the metal cutting edge. I take a circular saw and cut the pipe lengthwise, then drive it over the cutting edge. No, it won't scrape down to bare concrete. But, the driveway is all dolomite and the only place to push snow is over the lawn. The drive stays clear enough to use, and doesn't litter the lawn with rocks or gouge up the turf. It has its place, just not for everyone. I often wondered of a smaller diameter tubing used as my "cutting edge" would allow it to not float up as bad as it does at times. Heavy wet snow tends to allow the blade to ride up. Light fluffy snow plows pretty much as normal, except no gouging and blade tripping. Tim

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