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Broadmoor release lever

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I have a Broadmoor model 1692416 which was made in the mid 90s. It does not have a handle or linkage for the release lever. It baffles me what it should look like, and where it belongs. The manual shows two possible locations for the handle depending on whether it is an early model, or late model.

This tractor has a "Tuff Torque" transmission, and the release lever is way up on top of the tranny and is a pain to get to. The back of the tractor has two slots for where a handle might go, but neither one is lined up with the release lever at all. They are both way down toward the bottom of the tranny. There is no slot or hole on the back of the tractor anywhere near the top of the tranny where the release lever is located.

I can "roll my own" for sure, but I'd like to see a picture of what a correct factory setup is for the same transmission and tractor.

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quote:Originally posted by Simplicity7013H

4bc31d2c-6087-414d-bf60-7f515df41601_zps998a2be9.jpgIf you reach your hand up under the rear of the tractor you should be able to find a metal lever.

id="quote">Okay, I've seen Figure 13, but it still doesn't make sense that the handle is on the bottom and the lever is on the top of the trans-axle. I guess the handle and related linkage must make a sharp 90 degree turn up, then another 90 degree bend toward the lever. It just doesn't sound "simple" to me. Also, I can't locate a part diagram of the handle and linkage.

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Download a parts manual for your tractor.

The parts schematic should give you an idea of what the lever looks like as well as any other parts used for the release function.

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I've seen a couple different styles of release levers on that model. Depending on when it was made. Some have the lever on the back, some have it up under the frame.

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