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7016 Sovereign


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6-25-99 @ 22:07

I looked at the subject tractor today with an eye toward
buying it. I have some questions which I hope can be

The tractor is a 7016 Sovereign with a 16 hp B & S engine.
The engine numbers are: 326431 0190-01 7603211
The tractor numbers are: 1690202 001001

I think the engine numbers indicate 32 cubic inches and
manufactured in 1976. I would appreciate knowing if this
is correct plus other information the numbers will

The hydrostatic unit had fins parallel to the rear axles
running around the circular hydrostatic housing. It did
not appear to have any leaks. Is it a Vickers, Sunstrand,
or Eaton?

The tractor has a 48" mower deck that appears to be in
good condition. The starter/generator did not charge but
did start the engine. A tiller comes with the tractor.
Overall condition of the tractor is fair to rough.
Asking price is $895 OBO.

I would apprecate any information that can be provided
regarding the engine, tractor, and hydrostatic unit as
I am trying to decide whether to make an offer to buy.

Thanks for the help,
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Roy, The trans. sounds like a vickers,How do you take trans. out of gear,from the back rt side of trac. or under seat pan. back rt. is a vickers under seat is a sunstrand.If it's vickers--hard to get parts if needed. Price seems good for attachments involved,how are tines on tiller,worn to a point,and check play in tiller gear box. I would probably offer 6 or so for it. Good luck! dlc
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Thanks for the quick response.

Transmission "out of gear" push-slide is under the seat
similar to that on a new Sovereign. Hope this makes it
a Sunstrand.

I forgot to mention it is a manual lift. Will this
affect your answer?

Tines didn't look too worn. I failed to check the tiller
gearbox. The 90° bevel box (middle of the tractor) seemed
to be OK. No detectable play in the output shaft. The
engine probably needs rebuilding. Ran OK but smoked and
sounded noisy.

I agree with your suggested price. If I make an offer
it will be around $600.

Thanks again,
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The 326431 is 32 cube; sixth series; 4 = horizontal shaft, Flo-Jet (float) carb, mechanical governor; 3 = ball bearing (mains), flange mounting (bolt holes and pilot on PTO side), splash lube; 1 = rope starter (would be "4" if Briggs supplied the starter/generator, a "1" there means supplied by the OEM)
The 0190-01 type number is essentially the bill-of-material for that engine batch, for that customer.
The 7603211 serial means built 3/21/76, on first shift.
By Del Allen's dating info in the X-Ref pages, the 1690202 was '77 model-year production, and the serial number seems to be the first unit of that run, which would have been built in mid to late '76 and would have had a '76 engine.
If the hydro has RADIAL fins on the top of the pump housing, it is a Sundstrand. No worries there, and I think they were using the Sundstrand by that time.
Is the "starterator" KNOWN to not charge, or just appears so by the ammeter? They only produce about ten amps and sometimes won't wiggle the meter. If it really doesn't charge, but starts, it might well be a bad regulator, which is only about $25.
For "fair to rough" $895 seems high, but the market varies by location.
Good luck,
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As far as the charing system goes, check battery voltage with engine running at high idle with hand held volt/ohm meter, digital is best, and with the meter scaled for DC volts, the battery volatge increases the generator is doing its thing and then it could be a bad ammter. On occasion the regulator had to be 'flashed' to get the system to charge, but this was genrally so when you installed new regulator. Flashing will not damage an exsisting unit. I will look it up, but I think with a jumper wire you just 'sparked' the F and B terminals on the regulator.
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Roy, As far as the gen not charging I recommend taking both the reg. and gen .to an auto-electric shop. For a small fee[ my guy does it for free]they will test it for you,and then you can be sure they are operating properly. Maybe your ammeter is bad but that also can be tested at the auto-electric shop. Regards, dlc
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6-27-99 @ 23:06
Thanks to all!

I may offer $600 for the tractor as it has
a good deck and a tiller included.

The starter/generator I'm not too worried about since
I am familiar with the generators and regulators. I
have a friend who runs a generator/alternator/starter
shop in his basement. Generally I can get parts as
needed at a reasonable cost.

Thanks again,
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