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Kohler KT 17 Series II oil pressure switch

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I am installing a oil filter on a KT 17 series II engine. In addition to the filter I'd like to install an oil pressure switch and warning light. Does anyone know the part number of the Kohler switch and where it can be purchased? I'd also like to know the oil pressure range, particularly at idle while at operating temperature.



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Welcome to the site, John.

You can check, but I believe there were no oil pressure switches on the KT series engines. That being said, the Magnum series did have Oil Sentry's on some of the engines, and they are the same block as the KT. So I would start looking there as far as parts. I know you can still get the oil filter setup for these engines, so the Sentry port may be a part of that too.

I do not know oil pressure levels. However, if you go to the Kohler site, you can download PDF's of the service manual for these engines, and they contain almost every bit of information available for complete tear down and rebuild.

Good luck, and once again, welcome to the site!

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Hi Brett--

Thanks for the welcome. I've been a member and used Simple Tractor's search engine many time over the years but didn't find the oil pressure answers I was looking for.

One of my favorite sayings is "it is better to curse the darkness a thousand times than to light a single candle". Following your advice I looked in the Kohler KT series II manual that I already have and found that normal oil pressure is 25 - 50 psi. I also found the Magnum shop manual on the Kohler site. The manual states the oil pressure switch makes and breaks between 2 - 5 psi. Operating oil pressure is approximately 50 psi and max pressure can be as high as 90 psi. I plan to source a pressure switch which meets the 2 - 5 psi requirements as well as the max pressure from local suppliers.

Thanks for the help,


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Hi Ronald--

My thought about oil pressure is neither Kohler or Simplicity thought oil pressure information was important enough to the owner to provide a warning light or gauge. The oil filter mount has a threaded port and the 7117 has 12 VDC available under the dash and an unused light size hole in the dash which makes the light a natural. A oil pressure gauge would provide more information but I don't have any chassis punches to make the hole for the gauge.


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