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3012V Saved From the Melter

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It's a long story, but I heard that a salvage yard nearby where I live had a old Simplicity tractor. They didn't know what it was, but I though it might be something I could use at least for parts. My dad and I walked back there to it, and at first it looked like a pile of bent metal. I was hoping it would have an engine, but it didn't.

It has no: Engine, draw bar, seat deck, one back wheel (bent), and no headlights.

It has a fair BGB, and does have a good steering assembly and front axle. As a looked at it though, IT HAS HYDRO/POWER LIFT:D:O. I turned the pulley and it works. Too bad it did have a nice steering wheel, but from sitting in the middle of a metal pile, it is all bent up. The hood is a little bent, but it can be fixed. It has a Ammeter, start button, choke/throtte cables, and on/off switch. The input shaft on the trans is bent, and so it the pulleys. Here's the question: was 50 bucks worth it?

Oh, and it was in the pile to be melted down.

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