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How to: FDT snowthrower on a RBT

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After talking with a fellow member (talntedmrgreen) he suggested that I post this for everyone wanting to know if it is possible.

So first off I mounted my FDT snowthrower on my Simplicity 7117. I used a 4L144 v belt. I got a Kevlar belt for longevity but a standard rubber belt would work as well. This belt is 146" on the outside and 144" inside. So make sure you get the right one. Then take the hitch and grind the welds on the idler pulley mounting tab and remove it. Mount everything up and route your belt. This is where it gets a bit tricky. What I did was leave the idler pulley on the tab and let the belt rest in its natural position and tack welded it to the hitch making sure that the top run off the belt was inline of the bottom. Take the hitch off and weld it up. I left everything connected and was difficult to weld with the lack of room. The snowthrower is going to spin really fast with the smaller pulley on the FDT thrower. But it throws some major snow!

I will try to post pics and a video.

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