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This is going to be a longer one so bear with me. A couple years ago I bought this 5008 because it had a revitalizer with it. The tractor is ok shape it runs well and operates fine the 36" deck works fine. II sold off the rototiller and snow blower that also came with it I also sold the tractor and deck. One thing that always bother me about the tractor was the fact that it was uncomfortable to me. I thought it was the seat being too far ahead since the previous owner was somewhat shorter than me. Through a series of events I ended up with the entire package back. I sold the tiller again and after doing some work to it had the tractor and deck for sale. Then I had the opportunity to buy a 42" deck for it. So yesterday I had it out to check it over and start some modifications. I parked it next to my 728 to see exactly what the wheel base difference was between the 2. It was then that I realized what the real reason was for my discomfort.

5008 3.JPG

This is the machine when I got it. If you are familiar with these machines you might pick up on what I was missing.


The Shorter previous owner did a very good job of moving the foot rest and pedal back to accommodate him.





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That frame has pre-drilled holes and half-round cut-outs that were used for the lift mechanism on

older models, and he simply used them for the footrests and the clutch and used

tubes to re-position the stops on the clutch and brake rods.

You can also use these holes to install a lift lever assembly from an older Broadmoor,

so you then have 2 right hand lift levers to operate front and rear attachments separately!

The photo above clearly shows how the front axle is formed "forward" on these late Broadmoors

(5008, 5010), which makes enough room to fit the 42" deck under them.

The 42" deck will not work on the other tractor (728) in the photo.


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I prefer mowing with my broadmoor II 42" deck because it a) has an excellent cut quality and b) it uses far less gasoline than my Landlord.

Will you be keeping your Broadmoor now that it fits you?

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I am definitely figuring on keeping it. I am looking forward to being able to do almost all of my trimming from the seat of the rider. Although I should be using the walk behind for the exercise.

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