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BGB pulley

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I have a bgb pulley for the drive side of the foot draggers. I want to use it to replace the solid pulley on my B-1 to eliminate the jerk when I let out the clutch.

I tried it with a new belt, which works perfectly with the solid pulley, and a new plastic 'thrust washer', pn 157032. it just slips, to the point that I have to help it start moving on flat ground. found that the back side of the pulley half, part no 157031 is worn quite a bit as is the 'thrust washer', pn 157150.

I can turn the thrust washer around-it's just a flat steel disc. but I don't know if the pulley half is supposed to be flat or have a depression to contain the plastic thrust washer. there is a depression in it that I think is from 50 years of wear.

I cant find a listing of the pulley half in any of the online stores so I am assuming it is nla.

how have you dealt with this problem?

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