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Legacy XL opinions

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Went to the NY State Farm Show today and was presented with a Legacy XL with a Loader and mower deck for 13,300. This tractor only has 80 hours on it and was used by the dealer for work around the shop.

My question is, what is the opinion of these tractors? Do they last well? Maintenance concerns? It'll be used for mowing and snow removal and light work on his 2 acre property.



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I have seen lots of great deals on used XL's as of late. I enjoy watching what the asking and selling prices tend to be on these, and picked one up myself in the fall. Great machine.

In talking with other owners, maintenance seems very light. Fluids & filters...the reasonable shot of lube here and there. On 4x4 models, it does seem common for the front axle to need seals sometime before 1000hrs. I bought mine with 800hrs and it had fresh receipts from the dealer for these seals...looks to be an easy enough job to do at home though too, and inexpensive.

The trannys are serviceable, and are the popular tough torq K70 series. Very dependable, high-hour units used in both Simplicity and Deere's big garden tractors/subcompacts.

The tractors have big capability and are very comfortable. They also have the Simplicity cut and do not drive like a subcompact for mowing. The 4x4 units do sacrifice some turning radius...the 2x4 models turn as sharp, or sharper, than a Sovereign it seems. Moving snow is a dream come true. Front attachments are quick-tach, as is the loader. The only work not done from the seat is hydro line plug-in. Everything else is drive up and grab. My loader will lift a measured 600lbs with ease. Not sure how much more it will grab...certainly more than is 'safe' for working on or around slopes, given the machines relatively small size. I have about 500lbs in my weight box and have been pleasantly surprised that I need no chains on my sloped drive when moving snow, and can move a lot of material in the bucket. Forks are next on my list.

13300 seems high to me for a used unit. I have seen many FEL/3pt units with low hours for less than $10k. I gave less than half that for mine @800hrs. The only option I do not have is the diesel. 4x4, 27hp liquid Kawasaki, 3pt, 540 PTO, 60" deck and weight box. It was on Craigslist for over a week. Most owners keep these high investment machines spotless...my guy had EVERYTHING done at the dealer. I would recommend to anyone not planning on piling up the hours, to look for a well kept unit nearing the 1000hr point. They will easily go double that on the gas engines, and who knows how long on the diesel.

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Hello, could you explain "that you were presented with a Legacy XL with a Loader and mower deck for 13,300." Is this a purchase or a door prize or a gift ?

Thanks Ken in Mi

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Thank you to TalentedMrGreen for his informative response. As always, his addition to the conversation increases our collective knowledge.

As for the 'presented' question, I should have said that I and my friend were presented with an opportunity to purchase the item for the aforementioned amount



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