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Hi guys.

I just resently baught a briggs vanguard 18hp to repower my 7117.

I would like to get your all opinion on what oil to run in it

I figure i should start out with conventional oil to break it in then run synthedic.

Should i use 5w30 or 10w30. It shows in manual 5w30 having the best temp range. Then i was thinking of useing either mobil 5000 then switching to mobil1 synthedic or castrol then castrol edge synthedic or briggs&stratton oil. So what do u all think??

Thanks for looking darren.

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I'd love to have an opinion on synthetic, but haven't given it a good try. My old engines run on dino just fine, and so I continue to use it. I use 5W30 conv in my 23hp Vanguard but imagine it would take a very long time for any ill-symptoms to develop. I whoop on that thing, in a cart...setup to run 5500rpm.

I will watch for other's opinions on the synthetic in a newer briggs.

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I did the same repower, a 7117 with a Briggs Vanguare 18 hp. I put a slight notch in the frame so I could use the Briggs oil filter.

I did standard oil at first and am using 10W-30 synthetic oil and it is doing fine. My only problem is the amount of grass fines that is pulled from the flywheel into the air cleaner.


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I have an 18hp vanny in my '98 Landlord. I was using 30 weight in mine during the summer (an option per manual) but switched to using 10W-30 year round. It is Valvoline Dino oil.

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I run 15W40 Delo in the summer and 5W30 in the winter. My skid steer (with an Onan) runs 15W40 year round as it has a heat pad on the bottom of the crankcase to warm the oil. The pad heater is the best thing since sliced bread:D


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WOW this subject can start a fight. Personally Never use 40 weight next i have used 5/30 synthetic in a 21HP v twin briggs for a few years one time i switched to 5/30 regular my son told me the tractor seems to be running hot I never told him i switched (True story) I have went back to 5/30 synthetic for all my small engines. thats it

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I always break an engine in with good petroleum-based oil for a minimum of 50 hours before switching to synthetic. I have been using Mobil 1 10W30 but am considering switching to Amsoil Formula 4-stroke 10W30/SAE 30 small engine oil.

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