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wheel/tire question

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I had a Major flat tire on my tractor while mowing, (Pump it up and flat before I could get back on the tractor:() managed to finish by robbing a wheel with good tire from an engineless tractor.

I' was looking on line for good tire sources for the 16x6.5-8, and found several, but I'd also found some great prices on some assemblies with the rim included, but they had a bushing style ball bearing instead of the roller bearing. This seems to be the current way for most brands.

2 Questions:

1. Is this type of front wheel design so inferior to the roller bearing wheels we had from the factory that I should avoid it?

2. Has any body ever managed to use a 18" or 20" tire on the front of a late sovereign? will the mower arms set it far enough back not to interfere? I was thinking this might let me get more mowing height by lifting the front spindle.

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I woudl determine what the issue was first before swapping out wheel, bearings,etc. And I think a 18 or 20" tire might look great on a sovereign, and it would clear the deck I would think, unless in a tight turn? But what it would absolutely do would be to raise the front of the mower deck, and I am quite sure a 20" tire would raise it well beyond the adjustments for a proper cut.

A new tire properly seated on a clean rim is the better way to go. Any aftermarket wheels and tires will not be of the same quality of the wheel bearing assembly you currently have. IMHO

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Not a front tire, but well beyond Slime!


Grading on my driveway on Wednesday. After 3 hours, I noted the LL pulled to the left(more correct pushed to the left). Looked down at the LH wheel, rim and weight were turning, but the tire and chains sat still. Reason = tire lost too much air, the bead came loose, and the rim sliced the sidewall. Thursday nite I Slimed up an oldie from the pile.It seems to be holding air, so we'll see how well it holds after putting the weight of the LL on it. After cleaning up, I went online and ordered 2 Deestone D405 6-ply 23-10.5x12 tires that I should have by the 8th of the month. So I have 5 days to clean up 2 spare rims to have them mounted. If I were to try to mount 6 plys, even on my HFT machine, I would likely ruin the bead.


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Hello, Here are some photo's of the predator powered sovereign with 18 x 6.50 x 8 tires it lifts it up about 1.5 inches. On the steerinr side of the tractor I had to add a 3\4 spacer, to clear the idler arm, the set screw collar just barely holds the wheel to the spindle.

predator 7122 tires 002.JPG

predator 7122 tires 004.JPG

predator 7122 tires 003.JPG

Thanks Ken in Mi




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Ended up buying these, used the wheels I had. 16x6.50-8.



I still need one new wheel for the other tractor, but have to get the bearing race off the spindle first.I found some new wheels for 1" shafts but need 3/4".

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