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Help please!! Dead short suddenly!

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Ok I just finished one pass on my garden tilling in some Donkey poopy and ash and started second pass. Neighbor stopped over so I shut it down and now it wont start. If I turn the key 2-3 times the circuit breaker kicks and the whole tractor goes dead from lights to the electric lift, It does reset.Is there any common issue I can check before I get crazy with it chasing electrical gremlins!?

Thanks guys for all the help!!!!!

912h electric lift

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Before you try a restart, try the lights, then the lift and if they both work then you have a problem with start circuit and you will have to run it down. Could be grounding safety switches or wires.

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I would check the solenoid and starter circuits. It was running, and now trying to start it causes the breaker to trip. Does the breaker trip if just the key is on? Or only when trying to actually start/turn the engine over?

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IT WAS ONLY WHEN TRYING TO START WITH NO CRANK! I also only did a short key start as to not to burn starter up in case starter was stuck.

I already checked lights and lift to see if it was a general issue. It was for sure the key start position only.

This is going to haunt me as it went away when I went back outside and tried again! I had several starts since then and it has not done it since.

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