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Help! Broken linkage (updated)

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This is off of a 7 hp briggs in a 627. The throttle and choke didn't work right, so I removed the linkage and found the arm that the governor spring hooks to was bent really bad. Tried to straighten it and it broke off. Here are the pics:





Not sure if this can be welded, it is pretty light. Does anyone have one of these laying around? I would buy it if it works. Any other advice? Any help is, as always, appreciated.Steve





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Seems the book for my engine calls for part number 298997, but when I found three of them on ebay, they are different. they don't have the arm that the choke hooks to. Did more checking and found that part number 298998, which is not supposed to be the one for my model and type number, actually is what I have. Back to ebay, where I found a new one for $13. It is ordered and will be here next week. In the meantime I will try to weld this one and keep it for a spare if it works out. I will need to use the kill switch and the cable clamp from my old one, they don't come with the new one. But should be cutting grass by next Friday.


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