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Latest load Fun part 1 part of 3

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Loaded this little bit up headed for Ohio.....

trip 001.jpg

trip 002.jpg

With a stop in Pa on the way. }:)Loaded this up there. :D:D

pa load 1.jpg

pa load 2.jpg

Made my stop in Ohio, and came home like this. ;);)

trip 1 001.jpg

trip 1 009.jpg

trip 1 003.jpg

trip 1 004.jpg

trip 1 005.jpg

trip 1 006.jpg

trip 1 007.jpg

trip 1 008.jpg

I have at least 2 more trips to make. :o:O:O













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The 207 is pretty decent, I'd like to see that find a good home. Have not gotten to it yet, need to do something with the 2 front flat tires.

It is a re paint, and has a hole cut in the grill to get to the spark plug. It has all 4 hub caps but rusty.

The 700 I think will be parts. Has a 10 hp in it I think, and transmission issues, no lift, no pto.

The 7116 is pretty rusty, so that will be parts. If it runs as good as it did when I sold it to Jim, it should be a good 16 hp. Have not checked it out yet, other than the bgb is pretty loose.

The 7119 is in really good shape. I've had a couple guys ask about it, one thought I was high on the price, and the other liked the price but was too far away.

Had the B12 running, seems to run decent, but rattles. BGB is loose.

The 210 is straight but ugly. Cleaned the points and drove it off the trailer. Used it to drag the rest around, and started mowing my yard with it. Testing decks.

It has a miss that I can't figure out yet, will change points and condenser, but it seems to have enough power to run a 48" deck. I've had 3 decks on it so far. Burned over a tank of gas in heavy grass with no oil consumption. Variable seems to work fairly well.

On the truck there were 7 decks. 2 48" for FDT's, 2 42" for RBT's, and 3 42" for FDT's, one being a bolted deck. All but 2 look like they will run, but need lots of lovin. 3 work so far.

The tiller is rough and worn but appears use able. Shields have been broke, welded, broke, welded, and broke again. LOL

The Brinly plow with early hitch adapter looks pretty good.

And that's as far as I've gotten so far.

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quote:Originally posted by spi

Wow, thought you were loaded when you left my place. Oh, by the way I'm back in Maine now.

id="quote">Good to hear you made it home.

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I have managed to get most of it checked out.

The 7116, 7119 and 700 are being parted out.

The B 12, B 210, and B 207 are checked out, running, and in the classifieds.

The 207 is the first small frame I've had in good enough condition to play with. These are cool machines, nimble and fast. LOL

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