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replace 7114 throttle cable? steering wheel bolt

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The throttle cable on my 7114H broke where it connects to the throttle lever - can I just bend another "Z" into the end of the cable and reset it into the throttle arm hole or will the cable be too short, or will the Z bend stress the cable enough that it will break again there, ie should I replace it with a new cable?

Also, any tricks to getting PB blaster penetrant into the steering wheel through-bolt that is rusted to the steering shaft? I'm afraid I'm going to bust the cap screw head off if I put a cheater bar to it on the socket wrench.

I pulled the battery and slid the gas tank forward a bit to visualize the throttle cable stop assembly, but it looks like it will be easier to fix it coming in from the dash if I can get the steering wheel off and then the dash plate. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

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I haven't done this yet but my choke cable is seized up and I have a hacked steering column to replace. So I'm very interested in how it goes.

From what I've heard Id rebuild your steering column at same time!

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trying to remove the rusted in 5/16" capscrew can be a challenge. I found the easiest way is to see if you can loosen the nut, and using that as a guide, drill the bolt shank out of the hole in the column.

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Ronald Hribar

yes you can bend a new z in end of cable

you may have to cut some of outer housing off too

that is tricky part

best way if you can pull inner cable back far enough so you

can use a hack saw on outer cable

but if you are careful you can do it with inner cable in place

The bending of the z is with two pair of needle nose pliers

practice on a piece of wire first so you get correct bend on cable

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Thanks for the suggestions everybody. It looks like I have enough exposed cable length that I won't have to cut the outside housing sheath.

Does the Z bend go into the throttle plate from the inside face, ie closer to the steering shaft, or do I need to remove the bolt that secures the throttle lever and install the cable into the frame facing side of the plate, then re-install the lever and throttle stop plate?

I couldn't find a parts diagram that shows that connection.

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Completely remove the throttle lever assembly, carefully keep track of how it needs to go back together, especially the orientation of the plate that the "z " in the cable is connected to. Connect the cable wire to the plate and THEN reassemble. The assembly is a "friction" control, only tighten the nut tight enough to hold position against the carb spring.

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I pulled the battery and the gas tank to access the throttle lever assembly, as the steering wheel nut came off OK but the through bolt was rust welded to the steering column, and I didn't want to mess with having to drill it out.

After putting a Z bend into the broken off end of the throttle wire I had just enough cable length to get the carb spring tension right at the lowest throttle position, but I had to struggle to get every bit of slack out of the cable to do it.

Not too bad of a project, but like a numb nut, when I was finished putting it all back together I looked over at my AC 916H parts tractor sitting there next to me in the barn garage with a perfectly new looking throttle cable, forgetting I had that part left on it. I'll have that one and a replacement choke cable for next time I guess!

Thanks again Mike and everybody for your suggestions !

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