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B212 Clutch Pedal Welds Broke

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Okay I've had this tractor for less than a week. All was going good until I couldn't shift into gear.

I noticed the clutch/brake pedal welds had broke. If I looked at this correctly I should disconnect rod from inside frame, slide out the clutch/break pedal, remove pedal from shaft and grease the heck out of it, put a grease zerk in shaft and reinstall and reweld.

Correct me if I am wrong on this repair.



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There is a nut and washer on the inside end holding the lever to the pedal shaft.

Take that off and the pedal should pull out. The lever may come off hard, on that end the shaft has 2 flat sides.

Clean the tube, and the shaft. Drill and tap for grease zerk and weld.

Emery cloth or sand paper works well to clean the shaft. I have a custom "tool" I use for cleaning the tube (or any other round hole)

3 or 4" long 1/4" bolt or 1/4" round stock...whatever you have around.

Cut the head off, and cut a slit in the end lengthwise about an inch (hack saw). Slide a piece of emery or sand paper (1" wide 3" long) in the slit and chuck the other end in your tool of choice. (drill or air grinder)

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