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Ergonomics of 5212.5

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The deck drop/lift lever on the right and deck belt engagement lever on left are a pain in my shoulder to operate. I have to lean wa-a-ay over and bend down to grasp the dinky levers. Doing so uses muscles between my shoulder blade and backbone that don't get much use. This causes these muscles to be mildly knotted for a day or two.

As an expedient, I've tied a rope, draped over the steering column, to the end of both levers. I can raise the levers enough, pulling up on the rope, so that I can kick them back with my heel so as to raise/disengage the deck, but it is only mildly better. Dropping/engaging the deck is fairly easy as I can get the levers moving forward with my heel, just enough so gravity takes over. Usually, I do try to gently lower the deck rather than dropping it.

I've been pondering an alternate lever arrangement, but just can't seem to figure out the geometry of a better lever system.

Has anyone else come up with a field fix?

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