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Tractor of the Month - July

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Tractor of the Month Contest

July 2015id="size5">

This months contest will be :

"Loader Tractors"id="green"> id="size6">

Old or New, Restored or Original, Looking for Loader tractors. Give us some nice pictures and tell us your tractors story. .id="red">id="size5">

Voters will choose the best overall entry and its presentation id="navy">

Open to:id="size3">

All Simplicity and Allis Chalmers Lawn & Garden Tractorsid="orange">id="size5">

As well as all other names made by Simplicity and/or Allis Chalmers id="orange">

Please Note:

All pictures submitted to Tractor of the Month contests should be sized to 640x480 to maintain consistency and neatness in presentation

Also: If contest criteria calls for multiple tractors, please put all the tractors in one picture, rather than posting a series of pictures showing individual tractors. Its the only way to get all your winning equipment, for such a contest, in the picture on the Club home page


Tractor of the month contest guidelinesid="size3">

1. For club members and registered users. This also includes all officers, moderators, and administrators.

2. The selection committee will determine each monthly contests criteria. Equipment that does not meet theme criteria will be disqualified by the committee and removed from the submission topic.

3. The tractors submitted can be a restoration, an original, a rescue, a modification, an extensive repair/rebuild - or as specified by the committee.

4. This contest is open for owners to enter their own tractors, or by having someone else nominate them - upon which owner must accept and post entry.

5. The contest is limited to the first 8 entries submitted. This due to the poll system only being able to accommodate 8 entries. Following the 8th entry, the contest topic will be closed to further entries. Votes will be taken in the normal time frame as stated below.

6. Post your entry as a reply to this topic. Narrative and pictures are required - This to tell its story, and to convince voters why it is deserving of being the next Club's tractor of the month.

7. You can enter a tractor/equipment multiple times (months), but it can only win once per year. Once that tractor has won, you cannot submit that tractor again for a year on any subject.

8. Each contest will have a entry submission period beginning the 15th day of each month and lasting to the 15th day of the following month. Once the submission period is over, the current nomination topic will be locked and the next opened.

9.Following each months submission period, a poll topic will then be opened and members will be asked to vote on the nicest tractor listed in the nomination topic. All members and registered users are eligible to vote. Vote will last for a period of two weeks , from the 15th day of month to the last day of each month. The new winner will be declared on the 1st of each month.

10. Wining tractors each month will be posted on the club home page for a period of one month, 1st day of the month to the last day of the month, and a Contest winners hat will be sent to the winner.

11. Please post only entries/nominees in this topic -- any other replies will be deleted.

12. All pictures submitted should be sized to 640x480 to maintain consistency and neatness in presentation. If contest criteria calls for multiple tractors, please put all the tractors in one picture, rather than posting a series of pictures showing individual tractors. Its the only way to get all your winning equipment, for such a contest, in the picture on the Club home page

13. Final vote results will be posted to Poll topic at the time the Poll topic is closed. These posted results are the official, and FINAL[/u] results that will determine the winner each month regardless of any further votes cast After the polls have been closed. This is stated because while replies cannot be made after a poll topic is closed, apparently votes can continue to be cast. Its a technical issue that we have to work around at the present time.

14. In the event of a tie, the following procedure will be in effect. The tied winners will share having their pictures posted on the Club home page, each having an equal amount of the months time in the spotlight. There will only be one hat awarded though, and so there will be a run-off vote between the tied members for the hat. This vote will last 2 weeks. The winner of this second run-off vote will receive the winners hat.

If a tied winner has already won a contest and a hat, the hat for the tied contest will automatically be given to other tied winner who has not won one yet.

id="left"> id="size1">

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I'll put my loader/tractor in this month. This was my all time favorite resto-fab project. This was an old nasty Allis Chalmers 410 when I got it. I restored it as a Tractor & mower. Then I learned of this Kwik-way Loader from another club member down in Indy. I built a custom sub frame to mount it on and bought a hydro pump and tank. Then later I upgraded to a 16hp engine and replaced 2 of the hydraulic cylinders with bigger dia. for more power...I use it all the time, a real workhorse! Here is a few quick pics & below is a link to the whole story from planning, fab work, hydros, paint, etc...





Below is the complete resto thread.http://www.simpletractors.com/club2/topic.asp?ARCHIVE=true&topic_id=120977(sorry about how long the thread is)





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I would like to nominate my 1975 Simplicity 7016LT. The LT stands for Loader Tractor because that's what I have always called it. There is no “H” in the name because it is a three-speed. It is all original, except for the loader of course. The loader is an Ark 550 with the fluid reservoir built into the LH side vertical loader brace. The front bumper of the tractor was cut to accommodate the front mounted hydraulic pump that is driven from the shaft-side of the engine by pulley's. I got this as a Christmas present from my dad when I was younger. I put the tiller on the back and it seems to work pretty good. I haven't seen another RBT with a loader on it, but I wonder if there isn't another one out there. Thanks!:)




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Ok here's one for the TOM contest. It's the way it is and as I bought it. Saw the ad on CL in Northern California, called the seller and within 2 hours after the ad went up it was mine and the ad was taken down. Tougher to get the tractor back to West Michigan but got it done with the help of transportation website and an interesting guy who drives back and forth from Sacramento to Northern Indiana 3 times a year. Despite it's appearance the hydro fluid is nice and clean, the loader fluid is clean, the loader cylinders are rust free and move smoothly. Engine is free but crunchy sounding. The tiller was a bonus!













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quote:Originally posted by 720nut

Would enter my 720 but all know how lucky I am with pictures.

id="quote">Well this should be "official" if Lloyd posted and I added pictures he took :)

720 allis 001.jpg

720 allis 002.jpg

720 allis 003.jpg

720 allis 004.jpg

720 allis 006.jpg






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Thanks isetta, not much history tractor was running when I bought it in Whitmore Lake Mi. new batttery new front and rear tires. Loader came off my 620 went to West branch Mi to get it .Was a basket case. disassembled,sandplasted,repainted (was pink) when I got it, rebuilt cylinders,control valve,new Parker hyd pump. Would look much better on my 620 I just got done restoring

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It worked I'm suprized but any way this a pic of my 4040 when I bought it. I purchased it from the second owner the original owner he bought it from hacked it apart to put a 20 horse kohler in it witch I lowered so I could put a hood that was cut apart back on it. I then continued to go through the tractor new front axel rebuilt the hydrolic pump and cylinders I just put the new ag tires on the back upgraded the front axel with a late model 9020 but this is my nomination and I will go and get some pics of what it looks like nowAdded by isettaid="red">Here are some pics of Phils awesome loader tractor. These were taken with his permission in case there is any question about qualifications.





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I'd like to nominate my B10 with L112 loader.

This loader quest all started when I grew sick of shoveling horse manure each spring. I had read about hydraulic loaders and had tried big tractors but for my acreage the Allis/Simplicity loaders were the ticket.

I ended up finding a Simplicity 515 loader and loved it but call me OCD about yellow. I had to move the 515 quick as I found and L112 this spring. My 515 ended up on Connecticut with a club member who I'm sure will chime in too.




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And being that we have room for another entry here's one more Powermax. This is a "from hither and yon model" The tractor came from Pennsylvania and is a 9020. When I bought it the tractor would not run or roll and was missing a hood and muffler. It was a good deal and on a late model with the beefy front end. Turns out the brakes were stuck and with a little "influence" we got them to break free. The clutch bearings were shot, fuel pump was non-op but after fixing all that and a few more things it's running great. We got a hood from a club member and a muffler from another. Many thanks guys. I am especially happy with the way the loader hydro filter turned out. The loader came from middle of nowhere Oklahoma on a rode hard and put away wet 620 and is now happily mounted and working well on the 9020. That is Grandpa in his favorite spot! Your vote for TOM would be most appreciated. I am Isetta and I approve this messagesm01

powermax honesdale pa.jpg










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Vote reults at time of closing were:


GLPointon and his AC 410 [22%] 8 votes

1978Simplicity7016H and his 7016 [8%] 3 votes

isetta and his 620 from California [0%] 0 votes

720nut and his 720 /pics posted by isetta [6%] 2 votes

phillobbezoo and his 4040/ some pics by isetta [25%] 9 votes

bowhunt4life and his B-10 [25%] 9 votes

isetta and his Powermax [0%] 0 votes

split51 and his B-10 [14%] 5 votes

Congratulations to phillobbezoo and bowhunt4life for being the tied winners for this months contest.

As per item #14 in the rules section each winner will have their entry posted to the home page for 2 weeks. A run off vote will commence to determine who gets the one hat prize awarded for the months contest.

Run off vote can be found here:


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