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75th Anniversary Project

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So I got a 75th Anniversary tractor, I was going to sell it, and I may still or trade it (I am more of a WH guy). But the build quality of this machine is amazing, I have owned over 50 GT's mostly Wheel Horse and JD, and simplicity is at the tops of build quality, from the setup, to grease fittings, tranny, etc. So this tractor was a good runner, but had some issues known to plague the TH18 (Triad), so I read every post on here and decided to tackle this machine and fix some flaws. First take the tins off and degrease everything, blow it out with compressed air. It had leaky valve covers, which are now fixed. I used permatexs new Right stuff, that stuff is great but you need to work fast, the most important thing with valve covers is prep work, scrap it, light sanding with super fine sand paper, clean with brake parts cleaner, blow out with compressed air, then apply. They say you can use instantly but I give it an hour to cure, Mopar uses this same stuff on their new valve covers and oil pans. Next the fuel line was brittle, so it was all replaced, as was the fuel filter, and a shut off valve was installed. I replaced the spark plugs, oil and filter change, air filter, battery, and battery cables (the old ones were badly corroded). Then Al Eden Air Filter box modification with a hole saw. And adjusted the hydro lever to make neutral, neutral again!


















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thanks guys, I am thinking this machine is low hour, just always maintained, because the valves looked great and the cam lobe for the fuel pump had zero wear. plus the original rear tires, still have nubs.

I think it was used as a vac tractor (it had the attachment), the wear looks like from age or a shed when stuff gets put on top etc.

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