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The 3112H Restore

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Well, as most of you probably know my 3112 is "repainted". Well, I have some regrets about the way I did the tractor. I was anxious to get it going and I just use spray bombs with all the parts still on the tractor and sprayed. The paint is now looking bad and starting to chip. I never even took off the side panels when painting. I'm going to DO IT RIGHT this time. I only spent $30 on paint and $60 on parts. So, I'm not concerned about costs(yet:D). I will keep this thread updated as I progress in the restore. Thanks Guys!:)


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TODAYS UPDATE...id="blue">id="size4">

Today, I started stripping down the tractor. I locked up the shop at 9:00 PM here is what I accomplished today:

  • Remove Grille, Fenders, and Dash
  • Removed Engine and Gas Tank shelf
  • Cleaned mouse nests in the frame and removed drive shaft
  • Removed BGB yoke and loosened BGB bolts
  • Removed BGB bolts and Dropped the rear end
  • Cleaned up the shop

~I will post pictures tomorrow~id="red">id="size4">

Thanks, Elliott

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Here are tonight's accomplishments:

Remove ft. tires Remove ft. axle & foot rests Remove steering drag link Remove lift rod (very time consuming... and a lot of hammering) The pictures:Frame striped except for steering gears and lift shaft





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Well almost a week with no update but I have been busy with finals and the tractor too. Well, as I said I was probably going to shoot some primer last weekend and I did. The tractor is all sanded and primed. I have pictures but the PC isn't handy right now and I took the pictures wit the camera. Tonight, I sanded the primer with 600 grit wet/dry sandpaper and I plan to give the tractor 2 coats of each color. I'm using Rusoleum Almond and Ace Allis Orange. REVIEW: I used the harbor freight HVLP gun to spray primer and if you thin the primer enough, It shoots primer really good. I know some of the reviews on the website said that it was "no good for primer". I think it works good. Uses very little air. The compressor only has to kick on 1 or 2 times. (11 gallon tank) Since school is over, I will be working full time one the tractor in the next few weeks. Already have about 39-42 hours into it and it is sure paying off!!:). Thanks, Elliott

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Yep!! I do wear a respirator. dOd. If it doesn't rain tomorrow, I will paint some orange on the tractor. This next week will be really nice so I hope to put about 30 hours into it and get it almost done. I have put about 50 ish hours into this project I'm in not regretting it. Have about almost $120 in paint and prep supply's so far. I have about $150-200 yet to spend yet.

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Well, today I got the first coat on all of the orange parts. I dug out our pop-up spray booth which is made of PVC pipe and painters plastic. Works really good and keeps particles(and bugs) out of my paint. I don't have a paint booth so this is a really good alternative. I have 2 runs that I need to sand out before I can give it another coat. By tomorrow night, the orange should (but probably not) be done. Wednesday (if Im on schedule) I will paint some of the white. P.S. I couldn't get the lift shaft out:INow for the pictures:A couple of them are still from the primer stage













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TODAY'S UPDATE:id="blue">id="size4">Today was another good day for painting so I got coat two of two on the orange paint. Parts are now drying in the garage. Tomorrow, I will paint the dash, side panels, grille frame sides and the rims. Probably will be done sometime next week. I am currently sitting at 60ish hours (I'm also very tired from working such long hours but, I enjoy doing that). The hard work is really paying off. Even though it's not finished I just love to look at the shine on that paint:DdOd:D Here are today's pictures:I painted more parts than whats pictured. I was in a hurry and didn't have time to take pictures. And no that's not runs on the side of the hood. It's masking tape





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Well, I painted all the white parts and the black parts. I cleaned the transmission but didn't repaint the whole thing. I just repainted the rear of it. Started reassembly of it yesterday at 8:30 AM and finished at 1:30. I waited 4 days for the paint to cure before I put it back together. Here is a picture of the white parts/ fenders


Starting to look like a tractor again:D


Engine is in


Reconnecting my homemade wiring harness


AND VIOLA!!!! She is finished with about 75 hours into it!!:D:d:)dOd:J


More final pictures coming soon.






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