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Brand new Briggs cast iron block carbs.

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Often times you get what you pay for. I bought one of these from a different online vendor but it appears to be the same carb as in the listing. While they use the Briggs logo in the listing it is never stated to be a genuine Briggs carb. In fact B&S would probably be ticked to see their logo representing an aftermarket product.Here are some pics of the carb I bought.


Here is the O.E.M Briggs throttle shaft with grommet to take up slack.


The knockoff does not have the grommet. They told me you remove it and transfer it to the new carb. Well that's flat out wrong because its not designed as a separate service part through Briggs. Its not meant to be removed.



The carb also appears to lack the stone for the bottom drain.


The casting is not very good. I decided later to dress it out with JB weld and sand it smooth to ensure good seal.


The choke shaft is also on the wrong side for most of our applications and you will need to install a longer choke cable on your tractor. I am not happy with the carb whatsoever. Most of the time its the top half of the briggs carb that warps. You can get a new top half for the 30 cube models for about $35 and it even comes with the throttle shaft and the body gasket.







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Per Chris727's pictures and description of this carb, to me it yet another Chinese knock-off aftermarket carb with very questionable build quality. They (Chinese) have been supplying Tecumseh replacement carbs for years now and for other brands as well. I bet the "pot" metal used in the castings is much worse quality that Briggs ever spec'd. Unless one was desperate and had to get one of these carbs, I would not touch one with a 10 foot pole. Briggs O.E.M. throttle shafts, choke shafts, and bushings are still available to properly fix these O.E.M. carbs. And as Chris has stated, replacing a warped upper body casting with an original B&S part is still a great option for around $30.00 last time I checked.

The Chinese are continuing to "eat our lunch"....

Tom (PK)

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