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Leaking Sundstrand check valves.

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All of sudden my check valves on my 7119 (with hyd. lift) are leaking out of the pop up pins.

It is making a mess of the hydro pump and the floor under the tractor. I have taken the check valves out and checked them...I don't see anything that should cause them to leak. These are clean smooth operating valves, no rust inside or out.

The rear valve leaks much worse than the front one. Also they don't leak on every use, and to make thing more complicated when they don't leak during operation they start weeping after shut down.

Changed and put on a new Wix filter...no change.

I have 4 operating Sundstrands and this is a problem with just this one.

My next step is to exchange valves with another tractor.

Anybody have any ideas or had this same experience?

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