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Allis 914 S rear end problem

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Does any know much about these shuttle rear ends? I was driving the tractor yesterday, everything seem fine until I decided to go in reverse up a small incline. The tranny was in fourth gear and it slowly came to a stop, and I tried different gears until it backed up in first gear. This will also happen on a level surface with the front wheel turned to the left or right hard. Also, it seems to fight itself when go forward and turning to the left or right hard. I also notice this when pushing it manually and turning the front wheels. Any help?

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I think I would start with figuring out where power is stopping.

If it were me (and I don't recommend doing anything unsafe), I would chain it to a tree and see if I can duplicate the "stop", then look to see how far the power is getting.

Is the output shaft on the gear box turning?

Is the belt still moving?

Is the belt still turning the rear pulley?

Is the axle tube turning?

Generally, a differential problem that would cause it to fight itself while turning would mean it is locking up, like posi traction and should not come to a stop.

I would be looking more at the shuttle planetary system than the differential (per our conversation)

Shuttles, or even worn or loose belts will slow or stop in higher gears and seem to work in lower gears just from the less power needed at a lower gear ratio.

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You may have 2 problems.

First it sounds like you need to do a reset on the whole shuttle system. The slippage in reverse could be belts or the reverse brake band. How do your belts look? You may need new belts and then get the instructions on how to set up the shuttle drive and follow it step by step.

The "fight itself when turning" sounds like a locked differential.

Have you or PO had the differential apart? It may be assembled wrong.

Keep in mind all of these tractors with "limited slip" like your 914 do fight you a little on turning.

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Dan, both belts are aftermarket. The one that is on the BGB is black and the forward belt is green. That one doesn't look glazed at all, if it was I could see slipping. For the planetary gear, I took the cap off and notice that there wasn't any grease in there, so I pulled it off and packed with grease and reinstall it. After running it, I notice that the grease I put in was coming out of the back side of the planetary gear.

Mike, I took off the differential and I looked inside and the gears looked worn and the grease still looked like it was from factory. I did take the differential apart and it's something I don't want to reuse, the gears did look assembled right by my large frame bible. So I would like to find another one and try it and see how it works. I talked to Dan earlier about changing the shuttle out for a hydro rear end, but I may do that anyway because I do favor the hydro's over the shuttle's and 6 speeds.

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Found out what the reverse problem was after I rob the differential off my brother's 912. The brake band on the planetary gear wasn't tight enough, do it was causing it to slip. For the fighting, it only fights when you turn the tractor a hard left when going forward.

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