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3112h steering issues

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I was out playing around with my cultivators in the field. I noticed the steering was reallyloose to wear the slightest bump (dirt mound or rock) would cause the wheels to crank all the way one way or the other, with little movement in the steering wheel. Once I got back to the garage it seemed to have made the steering looser than before. So after some tinkering I noticed the main front end bolt was really loose giving the extra play so I tightened it which made it the steering like new and I also tightened a little bolt on the front spindle on the carb side. I was wondering what that was for and how tight should it be? After all that I took it back out and it's a lot better but the wheels still like to kink one way or the other. It's got the stock wide front tires. I'd like to know what would work best to stop this from happening. I was thinking of getting different front tires. Or if I go crazy get a power steering system for it or maybe a steering stabilizer. Any thoughts or opinions? Anyone ever do a power steering system on a fdt?

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