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hydro lift round or square

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Well it is about time I put the hydro lifts on the 101 and 2210. Any advice, tips, or info would be greatly appreciated.

I have both a round and a square tank hydro units to go on. Can anyone tell me what one is the earlier one ?



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A 101 would use a square tank, while a 2210 would have used a round tank. The 101 will be an eaiser install, since the dash dones't have to move. Just pull the shift cover to install the rear bracket.

The 2210 will require the dash assembly come loose, and I like to use a ratchet strap to suspend it from the ceiling to give a little clearance for access to the BGB bracket. Otherwise, some folks take loose all the cables and wires and pull the dash completely.

having 3 hands is pretty useful too...

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