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Need Simplicity Engine Ring help

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I am doing the rings on a 16 HP Briggs, Model 326437.

On the instructions it says to mount the two upper rings with the "angle" facing out. I do believe I did that, but boy, is it hard to see. So one of my questions is, is it that tiny of a bevel, nad how much does it matter in the operation of the motor?

All the best

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if your useing briggs rings the 2 top rings the inside angle faces up on a cross section of the ring in other words the angle faces up. ive used aftermarket rings also the angle faces up on those as well. this is the top ring or the compression ring the oil scraper ring or the 2nd ring down the angle is up and the scraper edge is faceing down and the oil ring is ither a 3 piece style or a expander and a ring. now if your ring set has beveled edges on the top both top and bottom edge 2 rings u put the bevel inside edge facing up on both the 1st and the 2nd ring. hope this helps

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Never really known if it makes a difference, but apparently it does or they would not go through hassle of putting bevel on ring. I've always done it without question and yes on some rings bevels are hard to distinguish

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Sometimes the outer face of the ring is not "square" to the bore. The bottom edge of the ring may touch the cylinder bore and the top edge may not. The bevel just gives you an indication of how the ring should be installed. This is from the Hastings web site... https://www.hastingsmfg.com/Race_Catalog_Pdfs/Piston_Ring_Functions.pdf


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Most "modern" piston ring designs (say within the last 50 years or so) standardized compression ring installation orientation. This included both 2 or 3 ring compression ring configurations; yes some engines use 3 compression rings like Wisconsin's. A center punch "dot" on any of them should face the crown of the piston. If there is a bevel profile cut on the inner edge of a compression ring then that also should face the piston crown. This bevel is to take advantage of power stroke compression increasing pressure on the ring for better sealing. If any compression ring(s) are 90 degree square, (inner profile) then it does not matter how it is installed EXCEPT (2nd/3rd compression ring); if the outer profile has a scraper edge. In this case, the scraper should be installed facing the bottom of the piston.

Hope this helps,

Tom (PK)

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