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Hi Lo Issues

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I'm having some troubles with my new used Hi Lo on my B10. I know I need replacement pivots but can't seem to find anyone willing to make them. Hi speed works fine. The unit engages into lo fine but when the clutch is let out the belt will smoke on the front pulley. Not sure what I'm doing wrong. Also, is the outer cover assembly with the grease zerk supposed to spin freely?

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PM me your info and I'll mail you some pivots. I can't recall where I got the ones I have, but I bought 10 pair or something like that.

It sounds like your planetary is not moving freely. Have you opened it up? The cover comes off, and you should see the gears. Make sure one is not frozen...they simply sit on studs. If a stud breaks or they go unlubed, it can hang things up.

I prefer to hand lube mine vs using the zerk...the zerk pumps grease right past the gears onto the input shaft of the tranny...it becomes a bear to keep the setscrew tight on that shaft once it's grease laden. At that point, shifting will simply move the entire HiLo on the shaft.

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The outer cover does not spin in lo range.

they will lock up if not fully engaged.

I would first loosen the set screw on the back side of the pulley to the shaft. Then with engine off, shift it to low range. With a screw driver, pry gently between the housing and the pulley to make sure the unit is sliding fully out. Then re tighten set screw and try it.

Sometimes the set screw loosens so the pulley move out with the unit when you shift, and if the unit can not fully shift it will lock.

Sometimes it is easier to understand how these shift, by doing it a couple times with the engine off looking at the unit to see what it does.

There should be 6 (I think) or 8 stop nuts around the outside. Every other one should be twice as thick.

Working correctly, the pulley should stop when you push in the clutch. Then, as you shift, you let the housing rotate gently. The shorter stop nut should go past the stop plate, and the taller stop nut should stop against the plate, then the shifter will move a bit more to slide the nuts out so the stop plate rests between a short nut and a tall nut.

At that point, the housing and the pulley should be separated to their maximum distance. If the pulley set screw is locked down closer than that, the unit will lock "between" gears, or in both gears actually.

It will work with one nut in the middle of the stop plate, but that allows it to bang back and forth an inch or so and is not correct.

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