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2 days ago I had surgery on my hand and will not be able to use it at all for 3-4 weeks. With the down time I would like to figure out what happen to my 7117 "old faithful". A few days ago I was doing some lawn rolling the tractor was running fine until I parked it. It had sat about 15 minutes and when I tried starting it, nothing. This tractor always starts, always. I checked the basics and noticed oil in air filter housing also noticed the crank seal on front of engine leaking. When I checked the oil nothing on stick, I had checked oil before I used it and it was full. I did not have time to look any deeper as I had to get 5 acres cut before surgery. Now that I have nothing but time I want to figure out the problem. The engine turns over and I don't hear any knocking so I think it is still ok. The problems it had when I used it for the past couple years was, when it is hot and turned off it backfires "shotgun", When I start it the starter would make a bad noise which I think is the bendix. This tractor has been though it all and was a complete workhorse. From some of the research I have done on this site it could be a breather problem or possibly bad oil ring. It has a Kohler series two 17 horse. Any ideas would be great.

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A little run down on the KT engines.

Bad oil rings will cause the engine to smoke and use oil. Blow by around the compression rings builds pressure in the crankcase. If the breather cannot handle this excess pressure, it can push oil out the breather into the air cleaner and push the front seal out. Bad oil ring will show up during running, smoke on start up and then seems to clear up is oil in the carb.

Backfire - common with the KT engines especially if they are worn and have significant blow by. Let the engine run at idle for 30 seconds before turning off.

Oil in the carb 1 - also common with a bad breather which has the little red umbrella valve. There is a kit to change it to a metal reed valve. The vacuum in the air cleaner can pull a lot of oil right out of the crankcase into the carb.

Oil in the carb 2 - also common with significant blow by, which pressurizes the crankcase and helps push the oil out into the low pressure area of the air cleaner.

If the breather is OK, to compensate for blow by you can route the breather tube to atmosphere instead of the carb until the engine is overhauled.

Front (PTO) oil seal blow out - see oil in carb 1 and 2.

Starter - the bendix either works or it doesn't. If it doesn't it needs to be removed and the bendix cleaned will usually solve the problem. If the starter is "noisy" that could be drag on the armature against the stator and/or bad brushes.

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