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Base of Simplicity Engine Reference is Posted


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Kent, this is very useful. I thought my Baron was an oddball but they made them many years. I still don't know the difference to the Sovereign except decals and white hood.
AC used Kohlers starting in the 1971 - 1973 300 and 400 series and stay with Kohlers in 1974 when they went back to Simplicity built tractors. But I have seen 2 original AC 716H with B&S engines instead of Kohlers??
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In case you missed it, I posted the basic engine reference last night covering all 4-wheel tractors through 1981, plus model "W" walkers and powered attachments. Bob Tiarks povided the info.

DLC is providing me the yearly updates to complete it through 1985. I'll post those in a few days.

Question for the more knowledgeable folks: Did all the Simps that cross-reference to ACs have the same engine? I've heard that they started using different engines (Kohlers vs. Briggs) at different times. Can someone clarify this for sure, so I can update the site accordingly.... Right now I'm cautioning the AC owners to double-check using either the AC specs in the AC section or the actual engine model # (not type#) from their tractor....

Hope this is helpful & thanks in advance for any clarifications...

Kent[A href=''][/a]
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