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Well, I decided to try spray painting a tractor once. A restoration by no means, just making it a little more pleasing to the eye. Here goes......


Brought it in to tear it down,


Put it up on stands to install a rear lift, and just to be easier on the back in general.


Put the lift arm on, not sure if its even the right one, but should work.


Took a crack at making my own cable, crimped it in a vise, and peened it with a center punch, we will see if it holds up.


Bought this 2" pulley at Fleet, bushed it down to 3/8".


This is the best routing I could come up with, just barely rubs on the hydro case when all the way up.




Like my sturdy paint stand?


Thanks to member ron7, got an extra set of headlights to make some rear work lights....



Heres the bulbs I used, I actually have two spots and two floods up front, but for the rear I figured four floods would do the trick. The link over in tech tips doesn't work anymore, so I found them at Walmart.com, Satco part number S1970.


Masked everything off,






Here is a deck that I picked up, halfways restored, just need to finish up reassembling, and paint it the correct color, looks like he was putting back together for an Allis.


So, need a few parts for that yet, but we can finish the tractor for now, and get it out of Mommas parking spot in the garage, anyways.

This tractor came with some god awful seat off an MTD on it, it sat so dumb that the five minutes before your butt went completely numb were rather excruciating. So, I discovered that a seat out of a dump truck also bolts right up to a Simplicity seat pan with a little drilling and shimming. Its really neat cause I can slide it forward for my young apprentice to drive, then slide it back for me. Plus its really comfortable, just need to get another armrest.


Someday, I'm going to sit down with about 10 different rolls of wire, and make a neat, professional looking harness for every single tractor I own. Until that day, scraps of wire and butt connecters and zip ties are the ticket.


Well, we've been working on putting this tractor back together for about four hours now, and we haven't put a single thing away. Lets survey the shop.




Looks about par for the course. Oh well, I'll clean it up after he goes to bed.

I don't even get to take the maiden voyage anymore....



Better hang something on the lift to test the cable.


So, there it is. Just need to apply the decals (should be here this week) and finish up the mower deck and we should be riding in style.


Thanks for looking!

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I like that custom rear light setup. You've made her (3416h) a proud member of the family. Good to see the little guy get right in there too. Keep us informed of cable use and reliability. 3 cheers on a super job & post. gw

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The hood and wheels are Rustoleum pewter grey. The Orange is Rustoleum Chevy Orange Engine Enamel. Boy that Rustoleum really lays down nice. The primer was Rustoleum high strength bond primer or something like that. Comes in a white can with a white cap.

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There! Finished! Complete! Nothing more to do here!

Oh wait a minute, theres a snowblower to fit it, and over there is the vacuum collector for doing leaves this fall, gonna need to build a cart for that, and a boot to go on the deck, probably should figure out why the clutch pedal doesn't do anything, could use poor mans power steering, it would look nicer with hubcaps,..................

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Comfy, yes. Functional, not so much. The steering wheel is too far away, and the center of gravity is so high I can't get traction on hills. Sadly, I think an original seat is in order. It was worth a try though.....

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The old mans tractor threw a rod the other day so I hauled mine up and brought his home, mowed his entire lawn, 3 hours straight seat time. Good way to really test the machine out. Kind of a neat picture from behind the barn.


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That 3416 is really nice. Given reasonable care and maintenance, that tractor very well could last for your son's lifetime. Heirloom quality.

I have been thinking about selling my 3410 but I can't part with it. True love. ^


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