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new allis 1920h

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Hey all: Figured I'd give a bit of an intro and such. Just picked up an Allis 1920h with 60" deck. Probably paid too much for it since I have only mowed for 20 minutes with it and the repairs started in! But it did come with a box of nos parts..belts,deck arbors,set of blades,deck rollers,fuel pump,fuel gauge,so that off set it a bit.

Oil switch started leaking,then the pto bearing locked up and then the head gasket started to leak. Was a good thing actually since there was a huge mouse nest mess in the blower housing.

Got it running and it sounds sweet by the way, today. Now just need to get the deck arbor housings back in and should be good to go.

One thing I'll run by is that I changed the hydro oil and filter. Book says 6 qts but after 5 it was up about an inch in the tube so I left it at that. Does some stay in the steering and lift cylinders and lines? Wouldn't think a whole qt. The filter from the Sim dealer was a Baldwin b233 in a briggs box. Nice filter!!

I have used Simplicitys for over 50 years. Still have the wards squire 9 that my Dad bought used and I was too young to use it. 3rd or 4th motor and I rebuilt the rear bevel housing. Great tractor. Also picked up an allis 712s and rebuilt the kohler 301. That's a mowing machine as well. Looking forward to the 60 inch cut tho!


southern MN.

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Welcome to the club!

You are correct about head gasket leak being a good thing. The mouse hotel would have most likely toasted your motor.

Once you get your tractor all dialed in you will be happy with your new purchase....now all we need to see is pics of your machine!;)

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I just bought my first simplicity today, a 1920h.

I can't say much about it since I haven't even hauled it home yet. It ran out well and seemed to cut fine.

I do have a question. I can't find the PTO on the thing! It even has a PTO light on the dash. Is there a trick to this? I was wondering of its a recessed PTO receptacle and its missing a shaft.

I also wondered if its an option and mine just is missing it .

A little curious. Checkov

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Welcome to the club.

There should/is an electric clutch on the front of the engine whch drive two belts going down to the FRONT and MID PTO. The rear PTO is buried deep in the back of the tractor, you can see it above the rear wheels, the back PTO i am hazy as my Sunstars do not have them. they should be operated by a large pull up knob or a small locked toggle switch. on dash board. I hope that helps. do you have the two speed hi/lo rear end with diff lock? (Black levers on right hand of transmission tunnel (behind right leg)

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Thanks. It is a hi/lo with diff. Lock.

I still haven't had a chance to search for the PTO, the 1920h didn't load and unload as easily as my snapper did! Had to work on hauling it a bit longer today.:o

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