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Got a 3012 i think

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Well, i was scrolling on craigslist last night and i saw a simplicity tractor for sale. It turned out to be a 3012 but it is split in half. I was told over the phone that the drive shaft was missing. Well thats an easy fix, i have a spare in my shop anyway. "So i thought" I get there, and the owner was very nice, i go over and look at it, and the frame is on a milk crate, and the transmission is on the ground. I look at the tractor, and the driveshaft is hooked right to the engine! So im thinking oh good it just has to be put back together. Well then i look at the transmission and it doesn't have the BGB in it. I ask if she knew where it was and she said she had no idea what her husband did with it. So i move a few tarps around, and there it is, laying on the ground with no input shaft or other shafts in it. So i found the box just with no gears haha. So i paid $100.00 for the tractor as it sat with 2 sets of wheel weights and hydrolift and original headlights. It looked like everything was there, i looked around for anything else but couldn't find anything. Also the 48" mower was included. IDK what i should do now, fix it or take the best parts off of it and put it on my 64' landlord what do you guys think?

Pics say more than i can:

I guess i cant upload pics

thry this:


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My inclination is always to try and fix it first, especially if its complete. They're not making any more of these, so one parted out is one less in the world. Dave

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Yes thanks dave that's exactly how I look at it, there are only a few up here in New Hampshire how it is anyway, so I should fix it but then the other part of me says how much money is it going to take. If it is all there, and all I need are a few misc. Bolts and things than I'll fix it up and put it back together for use. But 8 I have to rebuild the bgb and have to possibly rebuild the engine than idk if it's worth it. I really am in a predicament where I have some money but I don't have any time I haven't been able to look at it since I picked it up, and it's still in the back of my truck. I guess I'm just frustrated because usually I know exactly what I want to do with these projects and this time I just can't decide. Thanks for all your input so far guys I'll let u know if I make a decision and I'll probably post more pics if I ever get it unloaded off my truck haha

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