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710 to a 716

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A friend from church gave me this 710 6-speed last year. It was not in too bad shape, but the 10hp Kohler was shot (Someone was mowing baseball fields with it with no air cleaner). It looks pretty good in these pictures, but it is pretty banged up, has broken welds, and everything is way out of adjustment (mostly from having the wrong belts installed). I threw this 16hp briggs on it and straightened out all the mechanical issues before I decided to paint it. The steering wheel was a mess as well, so I use G-Flex epoxy to put the sleeve back in and stuck a bolt in for insurance.I remember seeing that Zippo had put a push button starter on one of these a few years back, and I decided to do the same. It also gave me a chance to get rid of the safety switches and that blasted solinoid. I am wiring mine like an old Landlord...Got it all apart over the weekend and painted last night. The Majic Brand "Kubota Orange" is the same color that Allis used on these. I can't tell the difference between the colors.









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well, I got it all back together Monday night. I made a rear lift cable setup from parts I bought at Rural King and it seems to work great. I put my tiller on it and can't wait to use it. These RBT's are better suited for running the 36" tiller. I previously ran this tiller on a 64 Landlord an it was not nearly as comfortable to use.The only thing that burns my butt on this tractor is that I put the hood decal on wrong! The other mistake i made was that I put the starter button too close to the voltage regulator. I had to make a custom bracket to move the regulator forward by 1/2". Live and learn i guess...





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Here is where I got the idea for the lift cable:http://www.mytractorforum.com/16-simplicity-allis-chalmers-forum/122834-home-built-rear-lift-kit-900-ac-7100-simps.htmlHere is a picture of the hitch side that I pulled out of the above link:


Here is a picture of the bottom of my tractor and the other end of the cable:


It looks like the cable is off the pulley in this picture, but it is not. It is the cut end of the cable sticking out. I also made an "L" bracket to act as a cable guide...I copied the one that was on the mower lift cable.Everything was bought at Rural King, including the pulley. This is the type of pulley I used:


The one I used is slightly smaller than the original pulley, but works just fine. Total cost:$16




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