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7018 Repower or Rebuild?

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Hey guys-I have an all original 7018 that has engine troubles. Sounds like rings and valves? I just picked it up, PO did regular maintenance, but thats about it. It currently runs and drives (battery is shot though).I already have a 7117, so I dont think I want to keep this, so trying to decide what to do...I can re-build0- never done that before, but my uncle is a motor head and said he could help OR I have a brand new 16hp liquid cooled kawasaki I could drop in there (lose front PTO). Is the re-build worth it, or drop the new motor in it? These tractors running sell like hot tamales in my area... Thanks!









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The OHV 18hp is very desirable by many. An original 7018 or 718 are fairly rare. I would rebuild it, well worth the cost, but then I would also keep it.

In good condition that engine is very powerful with tons of lugging power.

The K361 shares most parts with the Kohler 16hp (K341). The cam and the valve train are of course different. I have been told that the rocker arms are hard to find, but I doubt that a stock engine would have a bad rocker arm (the tractor pullers cranking 6000 rpms have trouble with valve float so they put in HD chevy springs and then break the rocker arms).

You could probably sell the engine easily especially to a tractor puller.

BTW I have a K361 in a pulling tractor and it definitely puts as much hp and much better low rpm power than our M20 twin.

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+1 on the "sell it to a puller before it drops a valve seat."

They are noted for dropping valve seats, and trashing heads, but they can also make lots of power.

Some parts are NLA

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The biggest problem seems to be operator orientated. The cylinder head needs a lot of cooling air. People take off the sheet metal to clean the head fins but never replace the tins, big mistake. The one I have had a cracked head from the previous owner, my cousin, resulting from missing the missing tins. I took the head, aluminum, home, found a welder who chased the crack down, welded it up and machined the fire deck. That as about 15 years ago. My cousin did find the head tins right after the repair.

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+1 as to the reason these engines failed (dropped valve seat) due to poor maintenance and overheating. They are getting more and more rare to find in running/rebuild-able condition as time marches on. The crank, rod, piston, cam are the same as the K341 and lots of OEM/aftermarket replacements are out there. The tractor pullers loved them for the HP they can make. I think the OHV head aasy is no longer available from Kohler.

This model was a somewhat futile (Johnny come lately) attempt to catch up to Tecumseh's OH-120 through OH-180 series cast iron singles which came out in the early 1970's. They were also not immune to dropping valve seats either if severely overheated.

So according to "I have an all original 7018 that has engine troubles. Sounds like rings and valves?", can you describe this running problem further?

Tom (PK)

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Note: the K361 crank, rod, and piston are interchangeable with the corresponding K341 parts. However, the rods and cams are not the same. The K361 rod is a forged rod (stronger) made by Alcoa and the K361 cam has longer duration than the K341 cam. I believe both K361 parts are NLA from Kohler.

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So, maybe I pull the K361, sell it to a puller somewhere "as is", and drop the new kawi in the 7018? I am either going to sell it, or "loan it" to a family member for general mowing, snowblowing, etc.

Thanks again guys, your input is awesome!

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