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Allis Chalmers B-1 Garden Tractor


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I have an AC B-1 Garden Tractor, Serial Nr 9, with
a rear-mounted rototiller attachment. The engine
was rebuilt about 5 running hours ago. The whole
shebang is in good shape and runs well.

A fellow in the local area collects AC/Simplicity
tractors and would like to buy mine. I have no idea
what to ask him. Any help out there?

Don Seaman
Newport, PA
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Don, Something like that is hard to put a price on. If your selling it as an old tractor for someone to use then I'd say $400.00 or $500.00. As a collectable with a low serial number I would ask $1000.00 or even more. All depends on how bad he wants it and how bad you what to sell it. Maybe someone else could offer a collectable price on it. Several people have asked me to sell them my B12 AC. I told them I wanted $8000.00 for it and they said I was crazy. I said if I sell you this tractor I will have to buy another and a new one is $8000.00. If you don't want to pay that much I'll just keep it, it wasn't for sale anyway. Don't let anyone talk you into selling it for less than you want for it. Tim
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